1. Mattress retailers (both online and off) constantly offer brand name mattresses that are “discounted” by 50% or more

Mattress retailers routinely advertise “list” prices that are double, triple or even quadruple the advertised “Sale prices”.

Recently I was looking for a mattress for my home. I examined the specifications of hundreds of these deeply discounted mattresses.

Then I compared them with hundreds of mattresses selling at similar prices with lower discounts or no price reduction at all.

For this comparison I selected innerspring mattresses from Serta, Sealy and Simmons. These were found on more than a dozen different online mattress websites.

I am qualified as a mattress “expert.” Once upon a time (long ago) I was the mattress buyer for a major retail furniture chain. Over a 4 year period I purchased nearly $20 million of mattresses.

The mattress industry makes it extremely difficult to compare one mattress with another — not only across brands, but also within a single brand.

Each different mattress model has unique specifications that are almost never exactly duplicated in any other model.

Each brand offered dozens (or hundreds) of different models. Models offered by an individual retailer were rarely available from their competitors, eliminating the possibility of comparing prices on identical mattresses.

Despite this I was able to identify one universal measurement that enabled me to compare mattresses, both across brands and within brands.

I compared the weights of the different mattress models.

I looked at approximately 200 different innerspring queen-size mattresses selling for $699 – $999.

Half were being sold at 50% – 80% off. The other half were being sold at full price or discounts less than 50%.

In every case (except one) the queen-size mattresses selling in that price range weighed 80 – 100 lbs — regardless of the original “list” price.

Mattresses at the lower end of my price range generally weighed 80 lbs – 90 lbs. Mattresses at the top of my price range generally weighed 90 lbs. – 100 lbs..

I subsequently examined several mattresses selling in the $1999 – $2999 price range.

As expected all of these weighed substantially more than the lower priced mattresses, even those with “list”prices of $3999 or more.

There was absolutely no relationship between the “listed” comparison price and the weight of the mattress.

Mattresses listed as $3999 values and selling for $999 weighed approximately the same as mattresses selling for $999 with no discount.

Mattresses listed at $9,999 values selling for $2999 weighed approximately the same as mattresses selling for $3999 with no discount.

Mattresses actually selling for $3999 weighed substantially more than the mattresses that actually sold for $999.

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