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Are sofa legs removable?

By Jeff Frank

Most low and mid-priced sofas have removable (screw in) legs. Exceptions include:

  • Sleepers. (The front base panel needs to come down lower to hide the mechanisms. This requires smaller built-in legs that can withstand the extra weight of the sleeper mechanism.
  • Plinth style sofas. (A plinth is a recessed rectangular base supporting the sofa. This is also known as a floating plinth base.)
  • Reclining furniture. Most (but not all) reclining furniture has a steel base that does not require legs.

Higher priced (heavy) sofas often have built-in (non-removable) legs. Non-removable legs are generally found in:

  • Traditional classic styles (designed before screw legs were invented.)
  • Higher leg styles.
  • Heavier weight and extra-large sofas. Built-in legs can be reinforced to support more weight than most screw in legs.

Advantages of removable legs include:

  • Fits through narrow doors and stairways.
  • Easier to repair in case of damage.
  • Multiple styles and sizes.
    • Removable legs can be found in hundreds of different plastic, wood and metal variations.
    • Screw-in legs can be found in many different heights.
      • In general, the higher the leg, the greater the risk that the leg will break.
      • It is unusual to find removable legs that are higher than 6 inches.
    • Screw-in legs designed for European style furniture often uses metric sizes.

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6 thoughts on “Are sofa legs removable?”

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  2. I have a Bassett Davis sofa. The delivery guys unscrewed two of the legs to get it in the door. I had them but it in our guest room until our old furniture was removed. Now I’m trying to reinstall the legs but can’t find out how to. There’s a loose bolt in the leg and a “pocket hole” on the side of the leg where the smaller screw goes. I tried to take one of the other legs off to see how it’s gone but it’s way too tight. Can you help?

    • Most removable legs simply screw on and off. There are no loose bolts,”pocket holes”, or small screws.
      I am not familiar with the type of leg you are describing, but the store where you purchased the sofa will know what to do.

      Contact the store’s service department (or the company that delivered your sofa if you have their phone number.)
      They will know what to do.

    • This can be a serious problem with larger furniture.

      I don’t know where you live, but there are some companies in New York City and other major metropolitan areas that specialize in taking apart large pieces of furniture and re-assembling them on the other side of the door.

      The oldest and best known of these companies is DrSofa. com
      Over the past several years they have been spreading out into several different areas.

      If they do not service your area, they may be able to recommend another company that can do this work.

      Note: Taking furniture apart and reassembling it so that it is in perfect condition is not something you want to trust to someone who has never done it before.

      Also, you do not want to trust it to a company that cannot give you a bond guaranteeing that you will be reimbursed if something should go wrong.


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