Is It Worth Buying Maidenhome Furniture Online?

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What do you think of Maidenhome furniture? I am considering buying the Warren sectional with the Crypton fabric. Is it comparable to the Beale or Kipton sectionals sold by Arhause?

Appreciate any insight you can share. It is so difficult to shop online for furniture!


June 20, 2020


Both Maidenhome and Arhaus sectionals are in the upper quality range for upholstered furniture. They are not at the very highest quality levels, but a significant step above the large mass producers.

Although both companies sell high quality furniture made in (or near) North Carolina, there are some differences and trade-offs which may make one better than the other for you personally.

  • Maidenhome combines a plywood frame with an 8 way hand-tied spring foundation.
  • Arhaus combines a hardwood frame with a sinuous wire spring foundation.
    • Both constructions should last 20 years in non-reclining sofas or sectionals, but the 8 way hand-tied has a definite comfort advantage over sinuous wire, especially when combined with softer cushions.
    • From a cost standpoint hardwood frames generally cost a few dollars more than plywood. 8 way hand-tied coils cost a couple of hundred dollars more (at the factory level) than sinuous wire.
    • Maidenform’s 1″ thick plywood frame is above industry standard (which is 7/8″) and may last just as long as a solid hardwood frame.
  • Maidenhome’s cushions use 1.8 density foam with a wrapping of feathers and down. The ILD firmness (compression) rating of 21 is unusually soft. (The industry average for “firm” cushions is 36.) The feather/down wrapping makes the overall feel even softer.
  • Arhaus cushions have a coil spring construction combined with a feather/down wrapping. At this price range, spring down cushions should be extremely comfortable and last 10+ years for most people.
    • Maidenhome’s 1.8 foam is an unusually low density for this price range of furniture. The feather/down wrap does not add anything to long term durability. I strongly suspect that these cushions will need replacement after about 5 years.
    • The softness of the Maidenhome cushion requires the flexible “give” of the 8 way hand tied foundation. Combining a soft cushion like this with a firmer sinuous wire foundation would probably not be very comfortable after a short period of time.
    • Sinuous wire foundations are fine when used in combination with spring down cushions. Basically, the spring down cushion will prevent you from feeling the firm sinuous wire foundation under the seat deck.  It would also keep you from feeling a flexible 8 way hand tied foundation, so the extra money spent for 8 way hand tied would be wasted.
    • The Arhaus spring down cushion is a more costly construction than Maidenhome’s foam/feather wrap.

In summary:

  • If you have a definite preference for a super soft cushion feel, the Maidenhome is the better choice.
  • If durability and lifespan (of the cushions) is more critical or if you prefer a “firmer” cushion, Arhaus is the way to go.
  • Crypton high performance fabrics are an excellent choice for long term durability and extremely high stain resistance.

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  1. sarah

    Thanks for the insights. Which maidenhome sofa are you talking about specifically? Their sofas have different firmness. To me, the Kipton was extremely soft, which I liked, and am wondering which maidenhome sofa would be comparable? Have you done a “sit test” or is your review based on the sofas’ stats exclusively? Thanks so much

    • Jeff Frank

      Maiden Home offers different cushion options and different foundations (spring support system) for different models. Depending on which you choose, a specific sofa may be soft or firm.

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