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Everything You Need to Know About Furniture Costs and Pricing.

Many furniture shoppers are strongly attracted to deeply discounted Sale prices. Do those “discounts” really represent better values than other similar looking pieces?

Find out how furniture retailers determine profit margins and Sale prices. The answers will surprise you.

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of shopping for furniture online. 

Learn about the relationship between cost and quality. Which upgrades improve quality and which can actually  lower the lifespan of your furniture? 


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All Your Furniture Cost Questions Answered

  • How much do good sofas cost?
  • How much should a good mattress cost?
  • Are 50% off Mattress Sales really good values?
  • Is it really possible to buy fabric at 75% off?
  • Is it cheaper to buy furniture online?
  •  Are extended warranties worth the additional cost?

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