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 Shopping for upholstered furniture?  Nobody wants to spend $1000 (or much more) for seating that will need replacement 3 years later.

Most sofa shoppers assume the frame and foundation are the key to a sofa’s long term durability. Wrong! Cheap engineered wood frames & sinuous wire foundations will hold up for 10+ years in most sofas.

Cushions are the real key to a couch’s long term durability. Cheap cushions wear out quickly, often within 3 years or less. Better quality cushions can last 15 years or more.

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What Is the Quality of Stylus Sofas?

What Is the Quality of Stylus Sofas?

The most concerning reviews are about cushions that wear out quickly. That is why it is important to get the 2.75 density foam. It should hold up far longer than 2.0 density foam.

Will a Pirelli Webbing Foundation make my sofa sag over time?

Will a Pirelli Webbing Foundation make my sofa sag over time?

Webbing used on lower priced seating “stretches.” Cheap stretchable webbing stapled into softwood or engineered wood frames can break or sag within 5 – 10 years. Webbing used on high quality seating does not stretch. Top quality, non-stretchable webbing, stapled into solid hardwood frames will hold up for 20 years & more.

Can I Refill Worn Out Couch Cushions?

Can I Refill Worn Out Couch Cushions?

Theoretically, you could stuff loose fiber into the cushion cover, but the couch cushions will look lumpy & uneven, and could easily be even less comfortable than they are currently.


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