Which Long-Lasting Sofa Manufacturers Are Reasonably Priced?

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The answer will depend on your definition of “reasonably priced.”

Simplicity Sofas is a custom furniture manufacturer in High Point, NC.
The company’s goal is to build furniture that lasts forever.

Everything Simplicity Sofas makes is hand-crafted, one piece at a time.

  • Frames are solid oak, made with FAS Select (the most expensive) grade solid oak lumber. Select grade lumber has almost no warping, splits, cracks, knotholes or other imperfections.

Simplicity Sofas competes in price with mass produced sofas by selling direct to the public only. It does not sell through any furniture stores or online retailers.

  • Simplicity Sofas’ custom crafted furniture costs substantially more to make than similarly priced mass produced seating.
    • Restoration Hardware sells sofas for $2000. Those sofas were originally purchased from a manufacturer for approximately $1000.
      • The actual manufacturing cost for that sofa was around $750 with an additional $250 added for the manufacturer’s profit.
    • Simplicity Sofas sells $2000 custom built sofas. Costs for producing these sofas are closer to $1500.
      • Because there is no retail middleman, the company can sell their sofas direct to the public for the same price as sofas that cost half as much to make.

      Simplicity Sofas Lorelei 80″ sofa with optional metal legs and coordinated storage ottoman.

      Simplicity Sofas 88″ Ashton sofa shown with optional skirted slipcover.

      Simplicity Sofas modular sectional shown with 7 seats and bumper ottoman. These sectionals can have an unlimited number of seats and will still fit through 15″ width doors and stairways. They are reversible. Seat units can be switched from one side to the other at any time.

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