Review of Natuzzi & Palliser: High Quality Leather Sofas at an affordable price???

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Natuzzi & Palliser mix high quality leather with poor quality frames & foundations to achieve an affordable price.

Natuzzi & Palliser are two of the world’s largest Leather Furniture manufacturers.

Both brands offer seating with high-quality leathers.

Top-quality leather alone is not enough to produce a Best Quality Leather Sofa.

Natuzzi introduced the first cheap “real” leather sofas in the 1960s.

The streamlined modern design allows highly efficient, low cost manufacturing.

Costs are further cut by using low-cost materials inside the furniture, where they cannot be seen.

Natuzzi and Palliser couches and reclining furniture are designed to look and feel good when new in the showroom.

They are not designed to maximize long-term use.

Natuzzi started in Italy.

Natuzzi Italia, the company’s high end brand, is still made in Italy.

Natuzzi Editions, the largest of Natuzzi’s brands, is sold through large U.S. retailers and franchise dealers.

Natuzzi Editions is made in Asia.

Natuzzi sofas highlight the beautiful, plush leather.

The leather is excellent. It should last 20 years and more.

Unfortunately, the rest of the seating construction will fail long before that.

Natuzzi’s frames are constructed with fiberboard, plywood, and softwoods.

They are equivalent in quality to frames used in fabric sofas selling for $599.

Staples do not hold well in fiberboard and softwoods.

The frames are  held together primarily with glue.

Natuzzi’s foundations are made with elasticized webbing.

Webbing can be excellent foundational support – but not the type of webbing Natuzzi uses and not the way they install it.

Top-quality, high-end modern-style furniture uses webbing that is wide, thick, and does not stretch.

Natuzzi uses lower-quality “stretchable” webbing.

Stretchable webbing is far easier (and faster) to install by low-skilled assembly line workers.

Stretchable webbing can “sag” after a few years of use.

Larger than average individuals or kids who like to jump on the sofa can cause cushions to sag even sooner.

Engineered woods, fiberboard, and softwood, like those used by Natuzzi, do not hold staples well.

Loose staples can pull out over time, causing the webbing to sag.

Sagging webbing results in uncomfortable seat cushions that wear out more quickly.

High-quality non-stretchable webbing, used in better quality seating, is securely fastened to strong solid hardwood frames.

Palliser is a Canadian brand.

Most Palliser Furniture sold in the USA is manufactured in Mexico.

Like Natuzzi, Palliser’s modern designs allow efficient low-cost production.

They also use high-quality leather in combination with low-cost frames and foundations.

Both Natuzzi & Palliser make furniture that looks good on the outside and feels good in the showroom when new.

The leather is of excellent quality.

It will far outlast the rest of the sofa.

Everything on the inside, that cannot be seen, is built as cheaply as possible.

The frames are very inexpensive.

Made with cheap engineered wood and softwoods.

Engineered wood does not hold staples well.

As a result, the frames are basically held together with glue.

The frame quality is no better than many brands selling at less than half of Palliser’s prices.

Palliser’s seat cushions are fabricated with 1.8 density foam cores.

This is industry standard foam, found in sofas selling for $599 to $3000+

1.8 density foam seat cushions have an average lifespan of 5 years in stationary sofas.

Cushions have a reduced lifespan in reclining furniture.

The foam may begin losing its resiliency (ability to bounce back) within 1 year.

It is not unusual for 1.8 density foam cushions to wear out in 3 years or fewer in reclining furniture.

Natuzzi & Palliser both have extensive selections of reclining furniture.

Reclining furniture frames are more delicate than stationary (non-reclining) frames.

Reclining furniture is far heavier than stationary and has fewer supports.

When you start with an engineered wood frame and then add the extra weight of reclining mechanisms, you get a frame that is very delicate and easily damaged.

Reclining mechanisms may have lots of fancy bells and whistles that look (and feel) impressive, but they are attached to poor quality frames that can affect their functioning over time.

Natuzzi & Palliser reclining furniture has a shorter lifespan than their stationary seating.

Reclining seat cushions have a shorter lifespan than those on stationary seating

Non-removable seat cushions are expensive to replace when they wear out.

Natuzzi and Palliser non-removable seat cushions may begin losing their resilience (ability to bounce back) and comfort within 3 – 5 years after purchase.

The beautiful, expensive leather that will last 20+ years, is wasted.

Check out the video below showing how a Natuzzi sofa is constructed.


Google “Palliser reviews and complaints.” 

Here are a few websites I pulled up.

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Check out these videos of Palliser Furniture made in Mexico:

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