Where To Find Affordable Sofas Under $500 That Are Actually Comfortable

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Buying a soft, comfortable and affordable sofa for less than $500 isn’t that difficult.

The problem is finding one that will stay that way for more than 1 year.

There are many basic sofas with modern (think IKEA) designs in this price range. These are designed to be manufactured efficiently. Minimal quantities of wood, foam, fiber and inexpensive fabrics are used. 

But they aren’t very comfortable.

Plush, overstuffed style sofas that sell for less than $500 do exist. But making plush sofas at this price level requires cutting costs to the absolute minimum on all materials.
A soft feel and puffy cushions can be created by using cheap fillings that will quickly fail.

  • Cheap foam is much less costly than higher quality foams.
  • Substituting fiber instead of foam saves even more.
  • Cheap frames made with minimal reinforcement are not built for long term use.

Thick, soft cushions built with cheap foam and fiber soon lose their shape and resilience (ability to bounce back after use.)
Your soft, comfortable, plush new $500 sofa can turn ugly and uncomfortable within one year (or even less.)

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