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What is the Weight Limit For the Flexsteel Zoey Sofa?

By Jeff Frank


What is the weight limit for the Flexsteel Zoey Sofa?

Frankie C.

Nov. 14, 2020


I don’t know specifically, but this should not be a concern for you.

Flexsteel’s foundation and frame are the strongest parts of the sofa. Long before either the frame or foundation fail, the cushions will wear out, losing their resilience and comfort.

Customer Response:

Thankyou of your quick reply. I have learned in the last few years to ask that question, seeing how I have gained roughly 100 unwanted pounds.

2nd Answer:

Flexsteel’s blue steel flat spring foundation is over 100 years old and remains probably the strongest in the furniture industry at any price.

The Zoey is a reclining sofa with non-removable seat cushions. Your problem will be that when the foam in the seat cushions loses its resilience and becomes uncomfortable (which could happen within 1 – 3 years), the cost of replacement will be nearly the same as buying a new sofa.

Reclining sofas in general are less sturdy than non-reclining sofas. If the reclining feature is important to you, check out my blog article Who are the Best American Made Reclining Sofa manufacturers?

I listed 15 companies in this article. The first 7 are the ones I recommend. (All of these are more expensive than Flexsteel.)

Just make sure that the particular model has removable seat cushions. When the original seat cushions wear out after a few years, get the cushion cores replaced with a 3.0 density foam. That will give you many more years of comfortable use.

If the reclining feature is not critical, Flexsteel (and the other companies listed in my article) make excellent non-reclining sofas (except for MotionCraft which makes only reclining furniture.)

Just make sure that you get upgraded seat cushions with a foam density of at least 2.5. Upgraded seat cushions with coil spring construction may work for you as well.

You will also want to make sure that the fabric you select is rated “heavy duty” with an abrasion test rating of 30,000 double rubs or more. (Almost all fabrics are tested before being sold commercially.)

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