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What Type of Foam is Recommended for Big and Tall Mens Furniture?

By Jeff Frank


 Is High Resiliency (2.0) density foam better than High Density 2.0 foam? Since I am a big man, what type of foam would you recommend for my new sectional?

April 14, 2021


There is no difference between the two different foams you have referenced. Both are 2.0 density. In the furniture industry all foams with a density of 1.8 or more are considered “high density.”

“High Resiliency” is an added treatment that makes foam last longer. Since the treatment costs very little, most “high density” foams are also HR (High Resiliency) whether it is specified or not.

When you see a foam described as “high density” without any number, it is always 1.8, which is by far the most common foam density found in mass produced cushions.

If you are a big man, you should really be looking at cushions that are more durable than 2.0. I suggest a foam that is somewhere between 2.4 to 2.8. When you get to 3.0 density you are into commercial and institutional grade foams that are found primarily on thinner cushions used for public seating areas.

Another highly durable cushion for a large person would be a spring down (or spring fiber) construction. These cushions have fabric covered coil springs nested inside a foam border. Above and below the springs is a jacket filled with down and feathers.

A less expensive version of this cushion substitutes polyester fiber for some or all of the down and feathers. The substitution does reduce comfort slightly, but makes little or no difference to the durability of the cushions. High quality coil spring cushions should last at least 10 years and usually 15 or more.

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