What is a Good Quality Sofa in the Medium Price Range?

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What is a good quality sofa in the medium price range as I can’t afford the top of the line furniture?

Dan S.

Jan. 5, 2021


You need to find a sofa brand in your price range that offers custom options with cushion upgrades.

Avoid the huge mass of mid-range sofas that have cushions using standard 1.8 density foam.

Find a sofa that has optional cushion upgrades.

  • Spend the extra money to upgrade to a 2.5 density foam or a coil spring (spring down or spring fiber) construction.
  • An extra $100 spent on upgrading the cushions will double or triple the expected lifespan of the sofa.
  • Avoid “blend down” or “cloud comfort” type cushion upgrades. Those cushions will cost more, but they replace some of the foam core thickness with softer fiber or feathers that don’t last as long.

Don’t worry too much about the frame or foundation.

  • Cheap plywood frames will usually last at least 10 years.
  • Cheap foundations (usually sinuous wire) will usually last 20 years and more.
  •  Avoid frames made with particle board, engineered woods or soft wood.

Avoid “cheap” leather sofas.

  • Do not buy bonded leather. Bonded leather has been responsible for thousands of complaints over the past 10 years. It cannot be repaired and is not covered under warranty.
  • Avoid cheap “real leather” sofas. A $1000 “real leather” sofa is made with inner construction similar to a $399 fabric sofa.

Most “custom” sofa manufacturers will have cushion upgrade options.

  • Although many custom sofa manufacturers are higher priced, many of the mid-range brands do offer custom cushion upgrades.
  • The problem is that many retailers may not make these options available to their customers.

Sofas that are already in-stock and ready for immediate pick-up or delivery will almost never have upgraded cushions.

  • The vast majority of in-stock sofas will have 1.8 density foam cushions and a 3 – 5 year average lifespan.

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