Where Can I Find a High Quality 8 way hand tied Sofa at a Reasonable Price?

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I have searched your website, but I can’t find what I’m looking for.
I’m replacing a 20-year-old 8-way hand tied sofa with spring down cushions that has been great.
I know they don’t make them like they used to, but is it possible to get a really good quality 8-way-hand-tied-sofa at a reasonable price these days? Brenda, August 2, 2022


If you have enjoyed your current sofa for 20 years, it can be reupholstered.

If you prefer a new couch, there are several upholstery manufacturers and small custom shops that still make high quality 8 way hand tied seating.

Usually, the starting price is around $3000.

Mantle Furniture is an exceptional sofa and sectional manufacturer.

Mantle makes high quality 8 way hand tied sofas beginning around $2000.

I visited the factory earlier this week in Maiden, North Carolina.

The company is small, owned by the 3rd generation of a family that has been making high end couches and other upholstered seating in North Carolina for over 60 years.

The quality is similar to well-known brands such as C.R. Laine, Bradington Young, Sherrill, Lee Industries, Huntington House, Temple Furniture & Taylor King.

Before getting further into this review, it is important to note that I have no financial relationship with Mantle Furniture.

I do not receive any payment or compensation if any of my readers purchase this furniture.

sofa with chaise

Mantle Burke sofa with chaise


Mantle has two unique advantages over the other high quality 8 way hand tied brands listed above.

Mantle sells direct to the public, bypassing retailers’ delays and pricing markups.

Mantle builds and ships its custom upholstery in only 4 – 8 weeks.

Most custom couches and sectionals sold through stores require a 12 – 24 week waiting period.

All the other 8 way hand tied brands listed above sell only through retail dealers.

L sectional with chaise

Mantle Jasper L Sectional with chaise

Mantle offers quick-ship high end custom furniture at affordable prices.

To keep prices down and ship quickly, only 3 styles are offered.

The limited fabric selection includes 64 fabrics and 7 leathers at this time.

4 wood finishes are offered.

Mantle sofa

Ruby 90″ sofa by Mantle Furniture.


Each style is available in numerous sizes and configurations.

Style groups include 1 chair size, 2 loveseat sizes, 4 sofa sizes and 7 sectional configurations.

Additional custom sizes can be ordered.

Special lengths and seat depths are available upon request.

Modified arm and back heights are also available.

110" sofa

Mantle 110″ sofa


Frames are 7/8″ hardwood plywood with 13 plies.

They will last 20+ years and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Spring systems (foundations) are all 8 way hand tied.

Three cushion options are offered.

Standard cushions are 2.05 density Qualux® foam with a 21 firmness rating*.

This cushion should last 10+ years (for average size people.) It is a plush “soft” cushion.

Optional extra-firm 2.55 density Qualux® foam cushions with a 31 firmness rating*.

This is an extra firm cushion that should last 15 years (for average size people.)

Spring down cushions are not currently on the Mantle website, but are available upon request.

Spring down cushions should last 15+ years with little or no loss of shape or firmness.

The Spring down cushions are firmer than the standard 2.05 density foam cushions, but softer than the 2.55 density extra-firm cushions.

* The foam’s firmness rating does not affect cushion lifespan.

Foam density does affect lifespan. Higher density foams last longer.Most sofa seat cushions use 1.8 density foam.

Qualux® is widely considered the highest quality polyurethane foam brand.

Learn more about foam in my blog article, What is the difference between a sofa cushion’s foam density and firmness?

Mantle Ruby Sectional

8-way-hand-tied sofas generally have starting prices above $3000.

Mantle’s 8-way-hand-tied sofas start around $2000.

Although Mantle’s price list does not show a Spring Down option, that should not be a problem if you contact Mantle’s customer service.

Mantle customer service is amazingly efficient and helpful compared with most furniture retailers.

For more information about Mantle Furniture, contact:

Jess Brasswell, Customer Service Manager

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