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Do You Have Any Information on Leather Italia Furniture?

By Jeff Frank


Do you have any information on Leather Italia furniture?

Jan. 16, 2021


Leather Italia specializes in Italian designs that are manufactured in Asia. As of 2019 their factories were in China, but many upholstered furniture manufacturers have been moving to Vietnam and other Asian countries recently, due to the punitive tariffs currently on Chinese products.

The company’s marketing concentrates on the Italian design and especially on the leather used in their furniture. It is very nice leather and will probably last 20+ years.

The problem is that, in order to be competitive on price, they economize on everything else (frame, cushions, foundation support.)

They are not the only company with this approach to selling leather furniture. Their biggest direct competitor is Natuzzi, who first introduced the low cost all-genuine-leather concept in the 1960s.

Check out this video from an upholsterer who is repairing a Natuzzi sofa. The frame and support of the sofa shown in the video are comparable to what I would expect to find on a $399 fabric sofa.

I have not seen the insides of a Leather Italia piece, but it does sell similar furniture at similar prices.

None of the Leather Italia marketing materials discuss construction, other than the leather.

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