Which Brand Has a Leather Recliner with High Density Foam and Hardwood Frames?

By Jeff Frank


Looking to buy a manual recliner in leather.. any recommendations on who has high density foam, and hardwood frames? Any advice is appreciated.

Spence C.


Check out the first eight companies on my blog article Who are the Best American Reclining Sofa Manufacturers? Brands 9 – 16 in the blog article are mid-range, mass produced products.

I think the only three that still use solid wood are Motioncraft, Hancock & Moore and Smith Brothers. The other five brands use high quality plywood. The frames should outlast many other parts of the furniture.

All of the reclining furniture made by these companies should have removable cushions. Most offer cushion upgrades. Spending the extra money to get the best, longest lasting cushion available is an excellent investment.

  • Springdown cushions should last 15 years for most people.
  • 2.5 density foam cores should last 10+ years before needing replacement.
  • Avoid Downblend cushions which have a foam core topped with down/feathers (and sometimes polyester fiber.) Those have a softer feel, but won’t last as long.
  • The standard 1.8 density foam cushions found on most mid-priced mass produced reclining furniture has an average lifespan of 3 – 5 years.
    • If the seat cushions are not removable, it is very expensive to replace the worn-out foam. Few people choose to pay that cost.

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