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What are the advantages of microfiber furniture?

By Jeff Frank

There are thousands of different Microfiber fabrics available.
In general they are:

  • Soft
  • Extremely durable
  • Highly stain-resistant
  • Cheap.

The vast majority of microfiber fabrics are currently made from 100% polyester fibers. They can also be made from nylon, polypropylene and other fibers as well.
Although microfiber fabrics have many positive attributes, they also have severe limitations.

  • They are available only as solid colors.
  • Limited variety of different textures.
  • Most (but not all) microfiber fabrics have either a suede or velvet texture.

Officially, the definition of microfibers is A synthetic fiber finer than one denier

This is smaller than the diameter of a human hair.
Beginning in the 1970s, until the past decade, microfiber fabrics dominated lower cost upholstered furniture products.

More recently microfiber fabrics have begun to decrease in popularity due to the introduction of new “high performance” fabrics.

These “high performance” fabrics offer the same high levels of durability, combined with increased stain resistance and a huge selection of different textures, colors and patterns.

Although the majority of the new high performance fabrics are far more expensive, many others are highly competitive on a cost basis with the microfibers.

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