Is poplar a good wood for furniture?

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Poplar is used by furniture makers who need a low cost hardwood that is easy to work with.

  • It is the lightest weight, easiest to work with and least expensive hardwood available.
  • Because of its light weight, poplar is not as strong as other hardwoods.
  • The natural color of Poplar is not aesthetically pleasing. It has a greenish tinge which does not look good with transparent stains or lacquers.
    • As a result of its unpleasant coloring Poplar is often used internally for parts that are not exposed.
    • Where the Poplar is exposed, it is usually covered with an opaque stain or paint.

    Note: Every time I say that poplar is not as strong as other hardwoods I get emails from woodworkers stating that they use poplar regularly and that it is very strong and a great wood to work with.

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