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What is the appeal of robotic furniture?

By Jeff Frank

“Robotic Furniture” refers to shape shifting furniture on a movable track system.

Robotic furniture takes advantage of space in the room that normally cannot be used by conventional furnishings.

This can include ceilings, walls, and other spaces that are usually inaccessible.

Ori is a company that has pioneered Robotic furniture. Click here to see examples of their robotic furniture.

The Ori bed shown above slides up to disappear into the frame section attached to the ceiling.

Robotic furniture is extremely expensive at this time. The cost of robotic furniture for a small apartment can easily exceed $20,000.

It is suitable primarily for small apartments and rooms located in cities with extremely high living costs .
IKEA is currently working with Ori   to develop robotic furniture at a more affordable price.

Disclosure: The author has no connection with either Ori or IKEA and has not received any compensation for this article.

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