Do Discount Fabric Stores & Online Websites Really Sell Quality Fabrics at 50% Off?

discount fabrics

Question: Is it really possible to buy good quality fabrics at 50% off or better? Answer: The surprising answer is Yes! My background includes 15 years as the owner of a furniture manufacturing company. I have purchased thousands of yards of fabrics from dozens of sources. I have no association or relationship with any company … Read more

Is the Burrow Union Sofa Good Quality & Value? Is There Anything Better?

3 seat sofa

Is the Burrow Union Sofa good quality & value? I’ve been looking at the Burrow Union Sofa that just came out recently, but I can’t find any details on the construction of the cushions or frame. I was wondering if you had looked into this sofa yet. I’ve been using your website a ton while … Read more