Does the price of second-hand furniture signal the quality of the workmanship of the product?

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In my opinion, the answer is mostly no. Yes, better quality used items sell for more than poor quality used items. On the other hand, there is an attractiveness of having something new, even if the quality is less. So used furniture pricing competes not against the same piece new but against cheap new stuff. My rule of thumb for pricing is that used items, even when perfect, should never exceed half of their new price.

In addition, the price of second hand furniture is also highly dependent on the condition of the piece.

Extremely high quality pieces that have received rough treatment can be purchased very cheaply if you are willing to put time and effort into restoration.

Before beginning your restoration, project however, do your research. Very valuable antiques and classic pieces created by legendary artisans can be ruined by poor restoration techniques.

Worth noting that there are some incredibly well made furniture items for which there’s no demand. Early American style furniture made from rock maple is astonishingly durable but almost nobody under the age of 80 wants it.

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