Is South Heaven Line Based on the Fabric?

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I am currently shopping for a Flexsteel sofa at my local furniture store. I told my salesperson I wanted to avoid their Mexican made “South Haven line”. 

He said, “The South Haven line is based only on the fabrics. If I choose a non South Haven fabric then it will be made in the US.” 

Does that sound right to you?? I have no way of confirming this info. Thanks!


Feb. 2, 2021


The South Haven line is available in a restricted number of fabrics only.

Flexsteel’s Asian made Latitudes line would also have a restricted number of fabrics (and is probably not available in custom fabrics.)

Flexsteel’s U.S. made couches will have a larger fabric choice. Some of the fabrics may be the same as SouthHaven, but there will be many others.

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