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What Are Standard Sofa Sizes?

By Jeff Frank

The most common sizes for higher quality sofas currently is 78″ – 88″ in length and 37″ – 42″ in depth.

20 years ago sofas of 90″ and more were far more common and there were even some sofas over 100″.

Now, those sizes are pretty much restricted to custom upholsterers. There are simply too many narrow doors and stairways that sofas of 90″ and more won’t fit through.

Over the past few years a new category of smaller sofas (72″ – 78″) has become more popular. These “apartment-size” sofas work well with smaller apartments and retirees who are “down-sizing” after children have grown up and moved away.

Searching for “apartment-size” sofas through Google and other search engines can be frustrating , however. Large companies who may sell very few or no smaller sofas will still advertise “apartment sofas” in an effort to generate as much traffic to their websites as possible.

Lifestyle furniture (such as IKEA) and less expensive fully upholstered furniture tends to be smaller than the higher quality products. Sizes most often range from 72″ – 84″ in length and 34″ – 38″ in depth.

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