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What’s the Best Way to Protect My Linen Sofa From Stains?

By Jeff Frank


What should I use to protect my linen sofas from stains. Would you call a professional?


June 20, 2020


Natural fibers like linen and cotton are the hardest to protect from stains. There are commercial products such as Scotchguard available, but these will not protect completely and need to be renewed every few months.

If you spray a protectant onto fabric that is already dirty or has a stain, it will become even more difficult to clean. Also, you should be aware that:

  • Adding your own fabric protection will void your manufacturer’s and retailer’s warranties.
  • Calling in a cleaning professional without first getting approval from the store that sold you the furniture can also void the warranty.
  • Trying to clean a stain yourself without first consulting the manufacturer and/or retailer may also void your warranty.

If you have tried to clean or protect your fabric in any way, it is best not to mention that, if you ever have a warranty claim.

If you do get a stain, before you do anything to remove it, go to Google search for the type of fabric you have and search for the best way to clean the specific stain. For example,

“How do I clean a red wine stain from a sofa with a linen fabric? You should be able to find several articles with best cleaning method suggestions for almost any combination of fabric and stain.

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