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What country makes the best quality furniture?

By Jeff Frank

This question does not have a simple answer.

It also needs to be defined in more detail. For example:

Does “best furniture” refer to:

  • highest hand-crafted quality
  • best value
  • innovative styling
  • unique functionality

If so, then top quality hand-crafted furniture can be found almost anywhere in the world for those who can afford it.

Most people think of Asia as the source of cheap mass produced furniture. But it is also the source of many exquisite hand-carved works of furniture art.

Most American wood furniture manufacturers, making mass produced commodities, have been unable to complete on a quality vs. cost “value” basis since the 1990s.

80% of wood bedroom and dining room furniture currently sold in the U.S. is now made overseas.

For many couches, the story is the same.

On a stylistic basis European furniture emphasizes sleek modern design. These designs are re-produced at lower cost in Asian factories.

U.S. furniture manufacturers (with some exceptions) tend to cling to more traditional styling.

European manufacturers are also far ahead of the U.S. when it comes to innovative functionality – furniture that can be used for multiple purposes.

One exception to this is the recent introduction of robotic furniture developed by Ori of Boston, MA.

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