Why Don’t People Invest More Into Mattresses Like They Do With Cars?

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The Rolls Royce of mattresses would be Kluft.

The Kluft mattress shown below retails for about $30,000.

The problem is that just because you paid $30,000 doesn’t mean that it is ten times better than a $3000 mattress.
And a $3000 mattress is not three times better than a $1000 mattress.

There are a lot of excellent $1000 mattresses available that can provide a very comfortable and restful sleep for most individuals.

$2000 mattresses are generally better. But that extra $1000 you are spending generally breaks down like this:

  • Quality improvements: $250
  • Cosmetic improvements: $250
  • Additional profit: $500

Jumping up to the $3000 level or the $5000 level you get a similar breakdown of additional costs.
Most of the increased price paid for high end mattresses is for cosmetic improvements and increased profits.
As you pay more there will definitely be some quality improvements that increase the comfort of the mattress for most people.

In addition there is a psychological factor – people “feel” that a mattress is more comfortable when they have spent a lot of money for it.

Any mattress that costs $5000 or more should be extremely comfortable for just about everyone and should last a very long time.

It is important to be aware that the value of a mattress is its actual selling price, not the “comparable value” price that it was supposedly marked down from.

  • A mattress that is marked: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail price $2999 on sale for $999 is a $1000 mattress. It is not a $3000 mattress.
  • A mattress that is marked down from $9999 to $2999 is a $3000 mattress. It is not a $10,000 mattress.

For a detailed article about phony mattress marketing tactics check out Are Mattresses Offered at 50% – 75% Off Discounts Really Bargains?

For those of you who are intrigued by the $30,000 Kluft mattress shown above, here is a list of some of the exotic materials and special features that are included:

  • Natural materials include: Alpaca, Cashmere, Mohair, Horsetails, Joma® Wool, Silk, Organic Prime Cotton felt, Zoned Talalay Latex, Quilted Belgian Damask fabrics. [Some lower end Kluft mattresses may include synthetic foams.]
  • Expert tailoring by highly skilled (and highly paid) craftspeople using traditional hand stitching, individually inserted hand tufts and a nested hand tied coil system.
  • An incredibly comfortable sleeping experience.

Long ago I was a bedding buyer for a major furniture retail chain. Over a 4 year period I purchased approximately $20 million of mattresses. I did not purchase any Kluft products.

I have no connection with Kluft. I am not being compensated for this article in any way.

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