59 Sofa Brand Quality & Value Ratings for 2023

By Jeff Frank


Is there any way to compare quality and value for different sofa furniture brands?


Yes! But there are a lot of sofa brands to compare.

This review currently rates and compares more than 50 furniture brands.

It will continue growing until it includes at least 100 different brands.

Each brand has been given a Quality and Value score.

Although each brand receives overall scores, quality and value can vary among different models within a single brand.

Quality and Value of a specific model can be drastically affected by the availability of custom options.

For example, a mid-range sofa with 1.8 density foam seat cushions may have an average lifespan of 5 years.

The exact same sofa, with an optional upgrade to 2.5 density foam or Spring down cushions may last more than twice as long.

Creating quality and value scores for an entire brand is an estimate based on a moving target.

Furniture manufacturers are constantly adding new products. Technology is continually changing.

Retailers may not be aware of these changes. Websites may not get updated.

Most furniture reviews are written by people who get paid for referring customers to companies they review.

As a result, most reviews are written about a very limited number of brands who are willing to pay for these referrals.

While a few negative points may be included to make the reviews sound believable, the really bad stuff is never revealed for brands that pay reliably.

I do not solicit or accept payment from any brands that I review or write about.

Despite this, you may see ads on the website. These ads are generated by Ezoic.

Ezoic is a Google platform for website publishers. It is completely automated!

I do not have contact with any of the companies or agencies that  advertise on this website through Ezoic.

My 45 years in the furniture industry includes extensive knowledge of Manufacturing, Retail, and Product design.

Career highlights include:

Founder & owner of Simplicity Sofas, a North Carolina specialty sofa manufacturer. I retired in March 2022 after 15 years with the company.

8 years as Buyer for a Top 50 Furniture retail chain, purchasing over $200 million of furniture from hundreds of different brands.

Awarded 7 commercially successful patents for multi-functional upholstered furniture designs.

My modular upholstered furniture system (which my company was based on) won the $20,000 Grand Prize in a national competition for Most Innovative Small Business, 2012. 

This is a work in progress. By the time it is completed, it will have at least 100 brands listed.

Important Note: The reviews and ratings included here are for stationary sofas and sectionals only.

They are not relevant for reclining or sleeper models. 

Sleepers & recliners have very different constructions and characteristics than stationary sofas & sectionals made by the same brand.

Reviews for reclining furniture can be found in my blog article: 18 Best Reclining Sofas & Sectionals Made in America.

Reviews for sleepers can be found in my blog article: Buyer’s Guide to Sofa Beds & Sleepers.

All reviews & ratings presented here are based on available information and my personal knowledge & opinions.

The brand descriptions and assessments found here may be based on-out of-date or incorrect information.

If readers or brand representatives are aware of any inaccuracies or new information, please contact me so that it can be promptly corrected.

Sofa Quality Rankings & Value Ratings:

The Brands listed below are organized Alphabetically within three Price Categories: Affordable, Mid-Range, & High End.

Several brands may overlap more than one price category. I have listed those brands in the category I felt was most appropriate.

Affordable sofa prices range up to $1200 for fabric sofas or $1500 for leather match.

Mid-range sofa prices range from $1200  to $3000 (fabric) or $1500 to $5000 (leather) 

High-end sofa prices range from $3000+ (fabric) or $5000+ (leather)

Quality Rankings & Value Ratings are scaled for each Category.

A top 10 / 10 rating for a high end brand does not represent the same quality & value as a 10 / 10 rating for a Mid-range or Affordably priced brand.

Affordable (Cheap) Sofa & Sectional Brands

Sofa prices range up to $1200 for fabric sofas or $1500 for leather match.


Quality rating: 4 / Value Ranking: 6 

[Manufacturer and Retailer with showrooms]

AllModern Emerson Square Arm Sofa
Emerson Square Arm Sofa.

AllModern is one of Wayfair’s many brands.

The sofas are sourced from Asian factories.

The AllModern sofa line features mid-century modern and casual contemporary styles

AllModern’s sofas look good in the online photos.

But the expected lifespan is only 3 – 5 years, or even less if used frequently or by larger than average individuals.

AllModern’s basic sofas sell for less than $1000, although leather and various style upgrades can bring prices closer to $2000.

The sofa construction has many compromises made to keep the selling price low.

Frame: Solid rubberwood.

Rubberwood is a hardwood, but it is an unusual species to find on a sofa frame.

Usually rubberwood is used only on smaller pieces such as chairs and occasional pieces. One reason for this is that the board length of rubberwood lumber is smaller than most other hardwoods. Boards rarely exceed 1.8 meters (70 inches.)

The finished woodgrain is not usually considered acceptable for exposed wood furniture. Dark opaque stains are usually used to cover up the mottled grain coloring.

Rubberwood should be avoided by anyone with latex allergies or who is sensitive to chemicals. Touching rubberwood can cause an anaphylaxis reaction for sensitive people.

Also, fresh rubberwood logs and timber are treated with potentially harmful chemicals when harvested, because it is susceptible to fungus and insects.

Foundation: Some AllModern sofas are made with sinuous wire construction. Others are made with webbing.

Avoid any model that specifies webbing. They use the cheap stretchable type of webbing that can cause seats to sag after just a few years of use.

Cushions: The cushions are made with 1.8 density foam wrapped in polyester fiber.

In the photos many of the styles look as though the cushion cores may be less than 5″ in thickness. If that is the case, the cushions probably won’t last more than 3 years before needing replacement.

Cushions are removable, but not reversible.

AllModern saves about $2 worth of fabric by not covering the cushions all the way around. This means you will not be able to flip the cushions to help them last longer.

Ashley Furniture

Quality rating: 5 / Value Ranking: 5

[Manufacturer and Retailer with showrooms and also sells through other retailers]

Ashley Bel Campo sofa

Ashley Furniture is the world’s largest furniture company.

It is both a manufacturer and retailer with manufacturing facilities and retail stores worldwide.

As of December 2022, there are approximately 1100 Ashley Home Stores worldwide. 745 are in the U.S.

Most Ashley Home Stores are franchises or owned by licensees who operate independently.

Ashley Furniture is also sold in thousands of stores owned by other retailers.

Ashley stationary sofas usually sell for $399 – $1999.

Because of the huge number of different sofas and sectional styles sold, Ashley uses many different types of materials and construction techniques.

The price of the furniture may or may not affect its overall durability and average lifespan.

It is very possible for a $1500 “leather” sofa to have the same average lifespan as a $799 fabric sofa.

Ashley Furniture offers tremendous perceived value to its customers.

Basically, Ashley makes sofas that look similar to many other brands, but sell for lower prices.

This is accomplished by using low-cost materials and simple designs that can be mass produced quickly and inexpensively in huge quantities.

Ashley also has tremendous purchasing power due to its enormous size.

It is able to purchase raw materials at the lowest possible costs and has built a state of the art distribution system.

Ashley sofas and sectionals are designed to look and feel great in their showrooms.

Big, beefy, overstuffed styles selling for less than $1000 are particularly popular with Ashley’s customers.

They are not designed for long-term durability.

Repeated customer surveys have confirmed that Price is the #1 factor for most customers who purchase furniture.

 Ashley’s success is based on providing low priced furniture that looks great and feels comfortable in the showroom.

Long-term durability and comfort is sacrificed in favor of reducing prices.

Ashley pays for hundreds of product reviews that extoll the quality and comfort of its furniture.

In almost every case, these reviews refer to brand new sofas and sectionals, soon after being received in the customer’s home.

If you check out the thousands of independent reviews from customers who have owned their Ashley sofas for one year or more, the reaction is overwhelmingly negative.

Ashley sofas and sectionals (in all price ranges) are built to last 3 – 5 years for most people.

Customers who are above average in weight and families who use their sofas more than normal can wear out the sofas even faster.

Ashley’s 1.8 density foam cushions will probably collapse within 1 – 2 years if used regularly by someone weighing 250 lbs.

They will collapse within a few months if used by a 300 lb. individual.

Ashley’s seating uses very cheap frames and foundations, but those will usually hold up for 10 years or more with average use.

The most important factor limiting an Ashley sofa’s long-term durability and comfort is the cushions.

Foam is one of the most expensive components used in manufacturing a sofa. 

Higher quality (higher density) and thicker foams increase the cost, but do not change the look or comfort of new sofas when customers try them out in the showroom.

One way that Ashley makes its sofas look bigger and plusher while minimizing costs is to wrap the foam cushion core in several inches of cheap polyester fiber.

By doing this, a cushion with a 5 inch thick foam core can appear to be 8 or 9 inches thick. It also improves the comfort of new sofas temporarily.

Unfortunately, the fiber compresses much more quickly than the foam. This can result in a lumpy or mis-shaped cushion (and reduced comfort) even before the foam wears out.

Wrapping foam with polyester fiber is a common practice for most upholstery brands.

Better quality brands use only 1/2 – 1 inch thick fiber. This improves the look and has very little compression over time.

Cheaper brands may use 2 inches or more fiber. This bulks up the new cushions, but leads to problems, sometimes after only a few months.

Very few of Ashley’s customers would be willing to pay $100 more for a sofa that can be used a few years longer.

In addition, Ashley has a strong financial incentive to providing cushions that wear out quickly.

The company makes more money selling $700 sofas that need to be replaced after 3 – 5 years than it would selling $800 sofas that could be used for 6 – 10 years before replacement.

Ashley has introduced pocketed coil spring cushions for some of its more expensive models.

Theoretically, these coil spring cushions should last longer and retain their comfort better than Ashley’s standard foam cushions. But there is a potential problem!

Recently, Ashley has switched their sofa foundations from sinuous wire to a  wooden platform.

Ashley’s website states that the:

Platform foundation system resists sagging 3x better than spring system after 20,000 testing cycles by providing more even support

Smooth platform foundation maintains tight, wrinkle-free look without dips or sags that can occur over time with sinuous spring foundations

There is nothing untrue in Ashley’s description of the benefits of platform foundations. An additional benefit is that the platform is less expensive than sinuous wire foundations.

But there are potential problems that platform foundations may cause.

One  problem with platform foundations is that it can reduce the comfort of the sofa. The cushion is resting on a hard flat surface rather than a flexible spring system.

Another protential problem is that the platform may cause the cushions (both foam and coil spring) to wear out more quickly than they do when combined with a sinuous wire foundation.

I don’t know of any other manufacturers who have switched from sinuous wire to platforms at this time.

If you read older Ashley reviews, you will find thousands of complaints about peeling bonded leather.

Ashley has been one of the leading manufacturers in resolving this problem.

Over the past few years, Ashley has replaced its bonded leather materials with a new composite faux leather made from polyester and polyurethane.

Although there are no long-term studies on how well the new material wears, there have been no problems as of now, and there is no reason to anticipate that it will be any less durable than other 100% synthetic faux leathers, such as polyurethane or vinyl.

Most people cannot distinguish any difference between the new composite faux leathers and the old bonded leather in either looks and feel.

I suspect that the new composite faux leathers are also cheaper than the old bonded leathers.

Home Reserve

Quality rating: 3 / Value Ranking: 2

[Manufacturer selling direct to consumers]


Home Reserve Jovie sectional.


Home Reserve is an ingenious piece of engineering.

The concept behind this furniture was to develop a multi-functional seating system that allows you to replace any individual part at any time–a new fabric section, cover set, frame piece, or fresh cushion. Every seat unit includes storage.

The furniture ships in small flat boxes, and can be sent by FedEx or UPS.

I first encountered Home Reserve in 2005.

At that time, I was doing research for the 5th of 7 patents I would eventually receive for multi-functional upholstered furniture systems.

Home Reserve, founded in 2000, was cited as Prior Art. (patents previously received in that field.)

At that time, Home Reserve was selling its 3 seat sofas for $299.

It was the cheapest 3 seat sofa available anywhere in 2005.

Over the past 15 years, Home Reserve has improved its furniture.

A lot of people seem to like Home Reserve and have been very happy with their seating since the company first opened up 23 years ago.

There are extremely few reviews from customers who have owned their Home Reserve furniture for more than 5 years.

In my opinion:

Home Reserve does not come close to justifying the current price of $967 for a 3 seat sofa.

Just two years ago (January 2021), the 3 seat sofa price was $545.

15 years ago, (2005) Home Reserve’s 3 seat sofas sold for $299.

Although there have been improvements, Home Reserve’s seating is not as sturdy or comfortable as any of the other sofa brands listed in this Category, selling at similar prices.

Customer reviews on the Home Reserve website and on many other review websites are overwhelmingly complimentary.

Customer service generally receives outstanding marks for prompt, courteous, and effective assistance.

The company has a marketing program that offers $2500 worth of their furniture to anyone who will write a complimentary review with professional quality videos or photos.

But if you check out independent review sites, it becomes apparent that some customers do encounter serious problems that should not occur with a $1000 sofa.

Check out:

Trust Pilot Reviews

Reddit review

The photo below shows a Home Reserve sectional prior to assembly.

HomeReserve: Adaptable Furniture for Everyday Life

Home Reserve before assembly


Quality rating: 5 / Value Ranking: 9

[Manufacturer selling through retail showrooms and catalog]

IKEA is a far better value than most people think!

There is a universal misconception that a sofa’s durability is primarily determined by its frame construction.

Most furniture professionals dismiss IKEA sofas as being cheap and poorly made.

There is a good reason for that – Most articles on furniture construction and quality are written by industry professionals who work with high-end products.

Frame quality is critical for top quality sofas, built to last 20+ years. It is natural and proper for professionals who work with high end furniture to emphasize frame construction.

For low and mid-priced sofas, frame quality is almost irrelevant when evaluating a sofa’s durability.

Even the cheapest sofa frames will usually remain functional for at least 10 years.

IKEA’s fiberboard and particleboard frames may squeak or wobble, but they should still be fully serviceable for 10 years.

If a frame does break, it should be covered under IKEA’s 10 year warranty.

Worn out cushions are not covered under any brand’s warranty. Cushion wear is always excluded as “normal use.”

Cushions are the most vulnerable part of mass produced sofas.

Cushion cores can be replaced, but few people choose that option for mass produced seating.

Once the cushions lose their shape and comfort, many people decide it is time to replace the sofa.

IKEA sofas are labeled “Firm”“Soft,” and “Extra Soft.”

All IKEA cushions have the general construction shown in the photo below.

The cushions are fabricated with a top layer of polyester fiber.

The fiber is above the coil springs and two layers of foam.

What is the difference between IKEA’s firm, soft, and extra soft cushions?

IKEA’s website shows the same cutaway picture and description for all sofas, regardless of firmness.

After multiple attempts to find the answer to this question from IKEA sales and customer service people, the only response I got was that “the packaging is different.”

If anyone can explain the difference between IKEA’s firm, soft and extra soft cushions, please let me know.

KIVIK Loveseat, Tibbleby beige/gray

IKEA sofa construction

Looking beyond the fiberboard and particle board frame, there is a lot that I like in IKEA’s sofas.

That includes their cheaper models, priced well under $1000.

Foam cushions found on most low and mid-priced sofas have an average lifespan of 3 – 5 years.

After that, they lose their shape and resiliency (ability to bounce back.)

That lifespan can be even lower if used by people who are larger than average or by families with kids who like to jump on the furniture. A 250 lb. person can wear out a foam cushion in 1 – 2 years.

Several of my older blog articles dismiss IKEA as being cheap furniture suitable only for short-term use. 

But I hadn’t been in an IKEA store for nearly 20 years.

Ikea sofas are still cheap. But both the quality and comfort have significantly improved.

IKEA sofas were originally designed for Scandinavian and European tastes.

Those included low seat heights and smaller scale dimensions.

Some of IKEA’s older models, like the Kivik, still have 17″ seat heights, standard for European furniture, but well below the 19 – 20 inch seat height most Americans are accustomed to.

IKEA’s more recent models are 18.5 inches from the floor to the top of the seat cushion and larger in scale with increased seat depths.

10 years ago, IKEA sofas all had cheap foam cushions that flattened out within just a few years.

Most American sofas priced below $1500 (and many priced higher) are still using 1.8 density foam cushions with a 3 – 5 year average lifespan.

IKEA has upgraded to seat cushions made with pocketed coil springs and further cushioned with layers of 2.2 and 2.0 density foam.

The new pocketed coil spring cushions are much better than the 1.8 density foam found in most mass produced sofas.

Coil spring cushions should hold up much better than foam for active families with kids who like to jump on the furniture.

Washable, replaceable covers are another big IKEA advantage over similarly priced competing brands.

Coil spring cushions are often firmer than foam. They should retain that firmness for many years.

Three years after purchase, when many foam cushions already need replacement, IKEA’s cushions should still feel firm and look almost new.

Some people don’t like firm cushions and may complain about the comfort, but they will be a minority.

IKEA’s pocketed coil spring cushions should last at least 6 – 8 years, and possibly 10 years or more.

That is more than twice the life expectancy of more expensive sofas with better frames, but inferior foam cushions.

IKEA sells a lot of leather sofas.

Although the leather may last 20+ years, the cheap frames probably won’t.

In a recent Wirecutter review, the author states:

“We’ve tested the Kivik, which has a simple classic design.

Though its price—starting at about $550—is almost impossible to beat, in this case you get what you pay for.”

The implication is that IKEA furniture is flimsy and won’t hold up.

But, later in the same article, the author comments:

“Two Wirecutter staffers, who have owned Kiviks for 10 and eight years, respectively, both say they have liked this sofa.”

Two individuals from a single office, got 10 and 8 years use from a $550 IKEA sofa. That’s a pretty good value!


Wood House Upholstery

Quality rating: 5 / Value Ranking: 6

[Manufacturer selling through retailers]

woodhouse sofa

Sturdy construction for low end seating.

Wood House rates 1 point better in quality than Ashley because it uses a sinuous wire foundation rather than a wood platform.

Sinuous wire foundations are more comfortable and do not wear out cushions as fast as platform foundations.

Basic styles start around $599.

Like most seating in this range, the cushions will wear out long before the frame or foundation.

The average cushion lifespan is 3 – 5 years (or less if you weigh more than 200 lbs. or have kids who like to jump on the couch.)

Mid-Range Sofa & Sectional Brands

Sofa prices range from $1200  to $3000 (fabric) or $2000 to $5000 (leather) 


7th Avenue

Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 7 

[Manufacturer selling Direct To Consumers & through Company Showrooms]

7th Avenue Sectional Sofa
                                           7th Avenue Modular Sofa with Chaise 

The 7th Avenue website does not give any information about where the furniture was made, so it is probably an Asian import.

The seating has a solid hardwood frame and sinuous wire foundation, which should both last 15+ years.

Cushions are described as:

Our medium-soft cushions are made out of layers of premium foam (similar to high-end mattresses) that are engineered to give the perfect balance between comfort & support.

  • MEMORY FOAM BLEND: super soft, high-density memory foam layer that provides extra comfort and bounce to your sit.
  • HIGH-RESILIENCY FOAM: the highest-grade polyurethane foam that is extremely elastic, distributes pressure equally across an entire surface, and is extremely durable (can last >10 years).

Our cushion foam layers are then wrapped with ultra-fine Down Alternative and encased in shell casing. Unlike feather-filled cushions, our Down Alternative-filled cushions are hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free, and do not require constant fluffing.

Foam density is not listed. When the description says only, “High Resiliency foam,” it is almost always 1.8 density.

The memory foam layer is 1″ or 2″ thick. It will soften the feel, but won’t make the cushion last any longer.

“Down-alternative wrap” is usually a polyester fiber similar to Dacron, but with a little extra loft to keep the cushions looking full.

7th Avenue’s website claims that the cushions should last 10+ years.

The life expectancy for most 1.8 density foam cushions is usually closer to 5 years.

But if the cushions’ surface area is larger than a standard 3 seat sofa (approx. 24″w x 27″d) the cushions should last longer.

Cushions that are larger than standard size spread your weight out over a larger surface area, reducing the pressure per square inch exerted on the cushions.

So, it is conceivable that these cushions will last 10 years.

On the other hand, if anyone sitting on the sofa or sectional regularly weighs more than 200 lbs., that will shorten the expected lifespan of the foam cushions.

The website makes a big fuss about the availability of water-repellent fabrics. Almost every brand now carries a large selection of “high performance” fabrics with “water repellent” capabilities.

Albany Park

Quality rating: 3 / Value Ranking: 3

[Online retailer selling Asian made furniture]

The Albany Sofa by Albany Park
Albany Park Sofa.

I strongly advise checking out independent customer reviews before purchasing from this company.

Over the past few years, over a dozen “Sofa in a Box” companies have appeared.

In general, these companies all supply couches and sectionals that ship unassembled.

Styles are mostly Mid-century American and other casual contemporary high leg designs that fit efficiently into flat boxes.

Assembly is usually simple and takes less than an hour.

It can be difficult for the average furniture shopper to tell the difference between these different brands.

It is tempting to just assume they are all alike and it doesn’t matter which you choose. That can be an expensive mistake.

“Sofa in a Box” companies can be separated into two main categories:

Online retailers who sell and ship Asian made furniture from U.S. warehouses.

Manufacturers (mostly in the USA) that build custom furniture in their own factories and ship directly to consumers.

Although pricing may appear similar, U.S. manufacturers selling direct usually offer better values and better customer service.

Albany Park is an online retailer selling products made in China and Vietnam.

The product specifications appear to be OK. Prices appear competitive. The 10 year warranty and in-home trial appear to offer protection against potential problems.

Reviews on the company website are all highly complimentary and reassuring.

Let’s take a closer look!

Product specifications appear to indicate good quality.

Sturdy kiln-dried hardwood frame.

Back and seat cushions are reversible and fully upholstered in incredibly soft velvet with vibrant West African designs.

Removable seat cushions have pocket coils surrounded by high density foam and mattress quality foam.

Webbing and spring suspension system.

Your choice of stainless steel legs in polished gold finish or mid-century modern solid wood tapered legs.

But when you start looking at independent reviews, quality issues pop up all over the place.

Usually, Sofa in a Box customers are happy with their purchase for the first year (at least.)

Independent reviews from Albany Park customers indicate an unusual number of complaints immediately after assembling the furniture.

Several of those complaints concern structural issues. Many stated that the furniture was uncomfortable. Complaints included lumpy cushions after a few weeks, poor sewing, wobbly bases, feathers coming out of cushions, pilling fabric, a need for constant fluffing and turning of almost new cushions,

Although there is supposed to be a 30 day in-home trial period, returns are apparently very difficult and expensive.

Many reviewers stated that they wanted to return the furniture within the trial period, but were unable to because of various restrictions or demands by Albany Park.

Furniture must be returned in “As new condition” (as determined by Albany Park upon inspection when the furniture reaches them.) Of course, if you have been using the furniture for a few weeks, and have to disassemble it for return, there is a high probability it will not pass the company’s inspection.

Even if it is accepted in “As New” condition there is a  10% restocking charge. That charge goes up to 20% if you cannot use the original packaging. The furniture still has to be returned in “As New” condition.

More than one customer complained they were charged shipping for returning defective merchandise even though the warranty clearly states, “Damaged and defective items are not subject or return fees”

Nothing explains what happens if the returned furniture reaches the warehouse and is then declared “Not As New.”

Several customer reviews indicated that Albany Park furniture is available for lower prices (and better return policies) on Amazon.

They also stated that the Albany Park website would not match the Amazon prices.


Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 8 

[Manufacturer selling Direct To Consumers]

Allform Sofa
                                                                                                                             Allform 3-Seat Sofa with chaise

Sofa prices start at about $1200 (in fabric.) Sectional prices top out around $6500 (in leather.) Prices include Free shipping on all orders. Estimated delivery in 5 – 10 Days.

Allform has received multiple awards and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The brand has been named “Best Sofa in a Box,” “Best Modular Sofa”, and “Best Small-Space Sofa” since being introduced about 2 years ago.

I agree that Allform is one of the best brands for this furniture category (Ready to Assemble, Casual Contemporary Modular Upholstered Furniture.)

After an extensive search, I cannot find any seriously negative reviews from Allform customers.

My review here is probably the most negative currently written about Allform.

My misgivings are not based on actual customer experiences, but on my concerns about the long-term durability of the furniture..

In my opinion, Allform sofas and sectionals are built to last about 5 years (or less if used by larger than average size individuals.)

That may be perfectly acceptable if you are paying $1200 for a sofa. It is less acceptable when paying $6500 for a leather sectional with the same expected lifespan.

My 5 year lifespan estimate is based on how Allform (and its Bed in a Box competitors) all build their furniture.

Frame construction: Almost every positive review states that the frame is made from, “Maple and poplar kiln-dried laminated hardwood.”  That appears to have changed.

Currently, the website lists two different (and contradictory) frame constructions.*

“Hardwood Frame – We have taken action to make sure our frames feel substantial and durable. Each of our frames features a structure frame design made from pine wood.”

“Each frame is constructed from an Oriented Strand Board (OSB) made from pine wood for maximum strength and durability.”

In the first description, Pine is not a hardwood and is not a durable frame material. It is highly subject to warpage and does not hold staples well.

The second description details that the Pine wood is actually Oriented Strand Board (OSB.)

This engineered wood product is basically compressed wood chips.

OSB does not hold staples well and does not adhere well with water-based glues.

Elsewhere in the website, where eco-friendliness is discussed, it states that water-based glues are used.

The glues used in OSB are not not water-based. In an article titled, “Types of Glue used in OSB,” it states:

“While OSB makes efficient use of wood chips, which would be otherwise be thrown away, concerns arise with the glues used.

The glues have been reported to emanate formaldehyde gas, which is a known health hazard.

My best guess at what has happened is that Allform’s frames started off as hardwood plywood when the furniture was introduced in 2020. During the Pandemic, there were severe shortages of some basic materials, including plywood. Allform probably changed to OSB at some point, and finding that it was cheaper than plywood, never switched back.

Foundation (Seat support): The Flexolator grid units used by Allform are the least expensive type of seat support (foundation) available (other than Ashley’s platform foundation.)

Two advantages that this type of furniture offers are:

Flatter than sinuous wire or coil springs. This allows the boxes to be flatter, saving on cartoning and transportation costs.

Does not sag like cheap webbing.

The disadvantage is that the helical spring coils fastening the Flexolator to the frame are prone to coming loose and falling off. This potential problem is aggravated when stapled to frames made of softwood or OSB.

Cushions: Although the frame and seat support used here have potential weaknesses, seat cushions are the most likely components to fail first.

Allform’s standard seat cushions are made with a 1.8 density foam core measuring 27″ wide x 24″ deep x 5″ high.

That foam specification generally lasts 3 – 5 years before losing its resiliency (ability to bounce back) comfort and shape.

The cushion’s actual lifespan is highly dependent on the weight of the people using the sofa and how often it is used.

1.8 density foam cushions may last less than 2 years if used frequently by a 250 lb. person. They may last less than 1 year for a 300 lb. person.

Allform can probably replace worn out cushion cores for a fee, but few people ever replace cushion cores to extend their sofa’s lifespan.

Foam seat cushions with a 3 – 5 year lifespan do not maintain their “As New” comfort for 3 – 5 years and then suddenly collapse.

Beginning within one year, the seat cushions will gradually lose their firmness and comfort, until becoming uncomfortably soft after 3 – 5 years.

Back cushions can lose their loft, shape, and resiliency within one year. They will need to be “fluffed up” periodically.

Since these cushions are filled with cheap polyester fiber, the cost of adding additional filler is minimal.

In the $1200 – $2000 price range, Allform is actually a pretty good value for this type of seating.  

That value decreases as the price increases. A $6000 Allform sectional will not last any longer than a $1200 Allform sofa.


Quality rating: 8.5 / Value Ranking: 7.5

[Online retailer selling direct to Consumers and through Showrooms.]

Halden Sofa in Natural | Arhaus

Arhaus Halden sofa

Arhaus combines a  hardwood laminate (plywood) frame with a sinuous wire spring foundation. This construction should last 20+ years, but is less comfortable than 8 way hand-tied, when combined with foam cushions.

From a cost standpoint, sturdy hardwood frames generally cost a few dollars more than plywood.

8 way hand-tied coils cost a couple of hundred dollars more than sinuous wire.

Depending on the model, Arhaus cushions may have either a 1.8 density foam core or Spring Down construction.

Spring Down should last more than twice as long as foam.

While the foam cushions may feel very comfortable when new in the store, they will quickly begin to lose their shape and comfort.

High quality Spring down cushions should retain their shape and comfort 15+ years for most people.

Spring Down cushions generally add about $100 to the retail price of a sofa, compared to the same size 1.8 density foam cushions.

Sinuous wire foundations are fine when used in combination with spring down cushions.

Article and Poly & Bark

Quality rating: 6 / Value Ranking: 6

Both Brands are online retailers, purchasing from Asian manufacturers.]

The Article Sven and Poly & Bark Napa leather sofas are almost identical.

Both leather sofa models are probably purchased from the same Asian factory.

Mid-century modern sofa
Mid-century modern sofa – Article Sven and Poly & Bark Napa

Reviews I have seen indicate that most people who have purchased both of these sofas are happy with them after 1 2 years.

The average lifespan appears to be 3 – 5 years.

Cushions will usually be the first components to wear out.

These “full-grain pure-aniline Italian tanned leather” sofas are “good” quality furniture, but not the “top quality”many shoppers think they are purchasing.

Both the Article Sven and the Poly & Bark Napa have the same length, width and height.

They were both available in the same Cognac Tan leather (at the time this review was written.) Both had round arm bolsters.

Neither Article nor Poly & Bark are manufacturers.

Both brands market furniture made in Asian factories located in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and India.

The Nappa and Sven sofas both appear to be manufactured in the same factory.

Furniture terminology can be confusing or contradictory.

The online marketing materials for these two sofas appear to be intentionally deceptive.

According to many reviews, shoppers who purchased the Article Sven and Poly & Bark sofas believed they were purchasing “high quality” leather furniture that will last a lifetime.

That “lifetime” is more likely to be 3 – 5 years.

If you replace the cushion cores when the original seats wear out, you can get an additional 3 – 5 years of use. But purchasers should not expect these sofas to last 20+ years like true “top quality” leather seating.

Websites for both brands emphasize features typically found in high-quality sofas.

These “high-quality” features include:

Full-grain pure-aniline Italian tanned leather upholstery

Corner blocked kiln-dried solid wood frame

High-density foam with polyester filling.

Feather down topper on seating surfaces.

Feather down and fiber blend seat-back cushions and bolsters

Loose, non-reversible seat and back cushions

Pirelli webbing

Solid wood legs in a walnut finish

But there are ways to cheat on all of these specifications. And these sofas use just about every “cheat” possible.

These deceptions do not make the sofas “bad quality” furniture. But they are definitely not “high-quality” either.

Here is the list of features again – this time with my notes italicized in Green:

Full-grain pure aniline leather: Full-grain, pure aniline leather is touted by many salespeople and interior design professionals as being the “best of the best.”

It is not unusual to see articles written by experienced furniture professionals stating that full-grain pure aniline leather is the most expensive (and best) type of leather available.

Many customer reviews for Article and Poly & Bark cite the “top quality leather” as the primary reason for purchasing these specific sofas.

The full-grain leather used on these sofas is different. It is very cheap leather, not the best of the best.

The leather used on these sofas starts off with low quality (full-grain) hides with massive imperfections.

Cutters remove the worst flaws, slicing and dicing the remaining portion of the hides into small pieces.

Each of these 88″ sofas is upholstered from 44 separate small leather segments!

The poor initial quality of the hides drastically reduces the leather cost. The extensive sewing needed to piece the small pieces together may cost more than the leather hides.

Sewing 44 pieces of thick hides together for each sofa requires a low-cost Asian (or Mexican) labor force.

The leather is minimally processed. The time and expense of separating the top grain from the bottom grain is skipped.

Finishing and protection is minimal. The leather scratches and stains easily (like the expensive high quality full grain leathers.)

Although this is not top-quality, expensive leather, it will usually last far longer than other parts of the sofa.

Kiln-dried solid wood frame with corner blocks.

There is one critical word missing from this frame description: “Hardwood.”

High-quality frames are built with high-density solid hardwoods.

The term “hardwood” is often used to describe hardwood plywood rather than solid hardwood, but in either case hardwood frames usually hold up for at least 10 years.

The problem is that when the term “hardwood” is omitted from the description, the lumber used is usually “softwood.”

Corner blocked kiln-dried solid wood frame:

Kiln-dried solid softwood frames are far less durable than hardwood frames. Softwoods can warp or split, even when they have been kiln-dried.

The frames should still hold up for 10 years or more, but they are not “high-quality” frames.

Pirelli webbing foundation:

High-quality “non-stretchable” Pirelli webbing is frequently used in high-end modern sofas.

It can also be found in older sofa styles with low profiles that cannot fit 8 way hand tied foundations.

The Pirelli webbing used here is the less costly “stretchable” seat support webbing.

If you weigh 250 lbs. or have kids who like to jump on the sofa, it will “sag.” That speeds up the cushion wear and makes the couch uncomfortable.

Check out this YouTube video reviewof a 2 year old Article Sven sofa.

The reviewer reports that the seat cushions sagged after a year and a half. The cushions were replaced, but sagged again within a few months.

Sagging cushions, that cannot be fixed by replacing them is an indication that the Pirelli webbing has stretched or come loose from the frame.

Stretchable webbing, when stapled into a softwood frame, is especially prone to stretching (and sagging.)

Softwoods do not hold staples well. They often loosen and fall out when too much pressure is applied to the webbing.

High-density foam with polyester filling:

In low and mid-priced couches, cushions are usually the first part to break down.

The term “high-density” foam, without a number, usually indicates the foam is 1.8 density.

Polyurethane foam has a wide range of quality and durability. Asian made foam is usually less durable than the same density foam made in the USA.

A 250 lb. individual can wear out an Asian made 1.8 density foam cushion in 1 – 2 years.

“Feather-down” filling in the seat and back cushions:

“Top quality” high-end sofas often offer feathers and down as a cushion option upgrade.

One of the factors that determines how comfortable a down and feather cushions will be is the percentage of down in the filling.

Down is far more expensive than feathers.

High quality down/feather seat cushions have at least 10% and the best may have 25% or even 50% down.

Cheaper down/feather cushions (such as those found in this couch) probably have only 5% down.

A cushion with 25% will cost far more than the same cushion with only 5% down.

Feathers do not significantly improve the comfort compared with polyester fiber.

They do require more care and better ticking materials than those usually found in cushions with polyester fill.

When that extra care and better quality ticking is not used, the result can be cushions that “leak” feathers.

Using feathers has little effect on the durability, comfort or cost of the cushions.

Other construction details:

Tufted seats:

Tufting is frequently found on traditional style high end seating.

When constructed correctly by a highly skilled upholsterer, tufting can be a great addition to a sofa.

But on lower priced, mass produced sofas, tufting can be a weak point.

 The legs have an 8″ height.

When thin legs get above 6″ they lose stability and are more likely to break.

Sofas with high thin legs often add a 5th leg for added stability.


Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 7

[Manufacturer selling through retailers and with its own showrooms.]

Bassett’s mass produced, imported upholstered furniture is at the very middle of mid-range quality furniture.

Bassett’s American-made custom-built collections are higher quality and more expensive.

Bassett was once one of the largest U.S. furniture manufacturers. That is no longer the case.

Bassett Furniture currently manufactures custom-built upholstered furniture lines in North Carolina.

The company’s mass produced furniture is currently made in Thailand.

Bassett has two different custom-built upholstered furniture lines.

Both are made in Newton, North Carolina.

The BenchMade collection consists of reclining sofas and chairs with high legs that appear almost indistinguishable from non-motion living room furniture.

The Club collection has two very different segments:

One of these is custom-built high quality reclining furniture (but no high leg styles) with zero gravity mechanisms, made in North Carolina.

Bassett’s American Made custom-built BenchMade and Club collections are available with All-leather. All reclining models are powered.

Bassett’s other Club level upholstery segment is mass produced in Thailand.

Bassett’s imported upholstery is mass produced, with an average lifespan that is about half of its custom-built furniture.

Bassett’s imported Club Level reclining furniture uses Leather Match – genuine top grain corrected leather on the seats, inside arms, and inside backs. Everywhere else is 100% synthetic faux leathers.

Note – the Bassett website makes it difficult for non-professionals to distinguish between its American-made custom-built furniture and models that are mass produced in Thailand.

Also, Bassett’s website identifies its leather match upholstery as “Genuine top grain leathers.” It does not mention “leather match” anywhere.

I guessed that this was leather match based on the pricing. This guess was confirmed by checking Bassett’s retailer websites, which identify the material as “leather match.”

The most important single component that will determine how long your Bassett sofa will last is the cushions.

When possible, spend the extra money to get the highest quality cushions available.

These may have higher density foam or coil spring construction.

Bassett’s standard cushions have a 5 1/2″ thick 1.8 density foam core with a polyester fiber wrapping.

It has an average lifespan of 3 – 5 years for most people. It begins to soften within one year, eventually losing its shape and resilience (ability to bounce back) after 3 – 5 years.


Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 7

[Manufacturer selling through retailers.]

This review is for Bauhaus Furniture Group (also known as Bauhaus USA) a U.S. furniture manufacturer, based in Saltillo, MS. that opened in 1988.

It should not be confused with the Bauhaus furniture retail chain founded in Mannheim, Germany in 1960 by Heinz-Georg Baus.

It is also not associated with the The Bauhaus, an avant-garde studio, started by architect Walter Gropius, that flourished from 1919 through 1933. Ikea design strategist Mats Nilson has said that his company’s ideology is inspired by the Bauhaus Studio.

Bauhaus makes mid-range quality, mass produced upholstered furniture.

Bauhaus is especially known for its modern, oversized styles.

In addition to selling through retailers under its own brand name, Bauhaus also supplies a few large retail chains as an in-house store brand.

Frames: Plywood frames. 5 – 7 plies. Not the most expensive construction but should last 10+ years without problems.

Foundation: Sinuous wire spring seat support. This is one of the least expensive type of seat support possible but should hold up for 10 – 20 years.

Cushions: 1.8 density dacron wrapped foam cushions.

This is the first part of the sectional (or sofa) that will wear out.

1.8 density foam cushions can feel noticeably softer after only 1 year and uncomfortably soft after 3 – 5 years.

Loss of resiliency (ability to bounce back) and flattening is considered normal wear under the warranty, even when it occurs during the first year.

If 1.8 density cushions are used by individuals weighing 250 lbs. or more, they may wear out even sooner than 3 years.

Fabrics: Mostly low cost, durable, stain resistant polyester or olefin fabrics.

BenchMade Modern

Quality rating: 7.5 / Value Ranking: 5

[Online retailer with showrooms selling direct]

Benchmade Modern Catwalk Sofa

BenchMade Modern Catwalk Sofa.

Benchmade Modern makes a style that I call Casual Contemporary (which includes Mid-century-modern).

Each piece is handcrafted in Dallas, TX, or Los Angeles, CA.

The furniture is beautifully designed and styled. It can be custom-built and shipped in 4 – 6 weeks.

My problem with BenchMade Modern is that a $2500 – $3500 sofa should last at least 10 years.

I don’t think this brand (and most of its direct competitors) will hold up much more than 5 years.

The frame is laminated hardwood (plywood). Solid Aspen is occasionally used. That’s OK. The frame should last 20+ years.

Depending on the style, the foundation is either sinuous wire or unidirectional webbing.

Sinuous wire is standard. It’s cheap, but should last 10 – 20 years. It doesn’t add any comfort, but good cushions can compensate.

I am less confident in the unidirectional webbing.

Webbing can be good or bad.

If it is the expensive stuff (that doesn’t stretch) that’s fine. The cheaper type stretches. Stretched webbing can lead to “sagging.”

Several of BenchMade Modern’s competitors use the cheap webbing. It is probably used here also.

I would avoid any BenchMade Modern styles with webbing. (Salespeople probably won’t know the difference between “good” and “bad” webbing.)

Cushions are 1.8 density foam. The lifespan is typically 3 – 5 years.


Quality rating: 5 / Value Ranking: 5

[Broyhill is owned and sold exclusively through Big Lots]

This is not the same Broyhill that was founded in 1926 by James Edgar Broyhill.

The old Broyhill closed down in 2013 when parent company Heritage Home Group declared bankruptcy.

In addition to Broyhill, the Heritage Home Group also included famous furniture brands Drexel, Thomasville, and Henredon.

All furniture manufacturing facilities for Broyhill, Drexel, Thomasville and Henredon were closed.

The trademarks for these four company were sold to Authentic Brands Group.

In 2018, Authentic Brands sold the Broyhill trademarks to Big Lots.

Big Lots was well known for selling budget priced furniture under various brand names.

Some of their existing products were relabeled under the Broyhill brand and many new items were added.

Broyhill furniture, as sold by Big Lots, is generic, budget-quality furniture imported from Asia.


Quality rating:  6 / Value Ranking: 7 

[Manufacturer selling Direct To Consumer & through Company Showrooms]

Range 4-Piece Sectional
Burrow’s Field 3-Seat sofa 
Burrow seating is modular. Each seat is a separate piece.

This type of design works better for sectionals than sofas.

Making a 3 seat sofa in three different sections is not cost efficient. It also looks a bit strange with its 8 legs.

Range 3-Piece Sofa Burrow Range 3 seat sofa has 8 legs

Burrow’s marketing strongly implies it is Made in America furniture.

A closer reading of the website shows that it is “designed in the USA”, but the parts are sourced from North Carolina, Vietnam, Poland, Mexico, and India.

Frame: Burrow’s hardwood and bent plywood frame should last 20 years.

Building seating in single seat modules makes both the frame and seat support (foundation) sturdier than similar looking furniture made with multi-seat designs.

Seat Cushions: Standard 1.8 density foam cushions.

I saw some descriptions that said the cushions had 3 layers of foam.

During the Pandemic foam was difficult to get and several manufacturers were trying different foam variations including foams of varying densities.

By now, most companies seem to have gone back to the solid slab of 1.8 density. (The website may need updating.)

Back Cushions: Mixed polyester fiber with crushed foam. This retains its shape better than the standard 100% fiber, but it may still need to be refilled after a few years.

Optional sleep kit: Several of Burrow’s sofas can be transformed into a bed with purchase of an optional “sleep kit.”

The kit comes with eye mask, pillow, quilted blanket, flat sheet, fitted sheet, and memory foam topper.

Most people seem to be happy with the look and feel of their Burrow sofas and sectionals after 1 – 2 years.

3 years after purchase, the cushions may begin to look worn out and sagging.

Burrow’s 1 year warranty is better than many of their competitors, but watch out for the extended warranty.

Burrow’s 1 year warranty is excellent and is printed very clearly in bold letters.

Unfortunately, they also offer 3 and 5 year extended warranties with no additional explanation or description.

99% of consumers reading Burrow’s warranty description will assume that the extended warranties have the same coverage. They don’t!

The 3 and 5 year extended warranties are subcontracted to a 3rd party.

If you are one of the rare people who actually takes time to read warranties, you will discover that the extended warranties have multiple exclusionary clauses that remove liability for most problems that are likely to occur after the first year.

Typically, extended warranties will not cover anything that is caused by “normal wear and tear.”

They will not cover fabric-related problems.

They will not cover cushion-related problems.

Those two areas cover 90% of what is likely to go wrong with upholstered furniture within the first 5 years.

Campaign Living 

Although this is brand is still being reviewed on many current blogs and review sites, the company closed down as of January, 2021.

Carolina Custom Leather

Quality rating: 10 / Value Ranking: 10 when compared with Mid-range brands

Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 9 when compared with High end brands.

[Manufacturer selling through Authorized Dealers & Professional Interior Decorators]

My price range for a mid-range quality leather sofa is $2500 – $5000.

Some Carolina Custom Leather Sofas sell for less than $5000.

Today (5-21-2023), I saw a couple of Carolina Custom Leather sofa models advertised for less than $3500 for the Memorial Day Holiday.

Truly astonishing quality at that price.

1 Best Source For Custom Leather Furniture From North Carolina

Frames: Solid hardwood. No plywood or particle board. Frame joints are double-doweled, glued, and screwed.

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Standard cushions are Spring Down with optional alternatives.

Back Cushions: Fiber plush back cushions are made up of 2″ hollow siliconized polyester fibers.

Leathers: High quality top grain natural leathers.


Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 8

[Manufacturer selling through retail showrooms]

Craftmaster is above average in quality for U.S. made mid-priced sofas.

The diagram below was taken from the Craftmaster website. I have made some observations in Bold Italics.


A – Hardwood Frame Consisting Of Hardwood Rails And Hardwood Laminates. This is standard for mid-priced furniture and should last 10 – 20 years.

B – Heavily Padded Arms. Standard.

C – Tie Wires On Back & Seat Springs For Additional Support. Above average.

D – Heavy Gauge Sinuous Wire Springs For Durability And Comfort. Cheapest type of foundation support but should last 10 – 20 years.

E – Heavily Padded In-Back. Standard.

F – 100% Dacron Polyester Fiber Back Cushion Encased In A Sewn Ticking With Separate Compartments To Prevent Fiber Fall Down. Average.

G – 2.0 Density High Resiliency Foam Core With Dacron Fiber Wrapping. Above average. 2.0 density cushions should last about 1 year longer than standard 1.8 density foam cushions. 4 – 6 years for average size people with average use.

H – Fully Lined Tailored Skirts. This is the correct way to make a skirt. Not everybody does.

I – Padded Edge Roll. Above average.

J – Insulated Seat Pad For Added Comfort. Standard.

K – Joints Are Mortise And Tenon Or Double Dowelled, Glued, & Corner Blocked For Durability. Good joint construction techniques.

L – Wood Legs On Skirted Frames Are Built Into The Frame For Strength & Durability. Exposed Wood, Decorative Legs Are Securely Mounted To The Base Of The Frame. Built-in legs are stronger than screw-in legs, but make it harder to fit a sofa through a doorway. If your sofa does not have a skirt, you probably will not have built-in legs.


Quality rating: 8.5 / Value Ranking: 8

[Manufacturer selling through retail showrooms]

Flexsteel has a 100+ year reputation for quality.

Many loyal customers who purchased Flexsteel prior to 2010 still report getting 15 or more years of comfortable use from their Flexsteel sofas.

Unfortunately, over the past decade, the brand seemed to be living off its old reputation.

Since 2010, the company has gone through multiple financial crises and management changes, affecting overall product quality.

4 of the 5 U.S. manufacturing facilities were shut down, with the bulk of production shifting overseas.

Production for the Latitudes Collection (Non-custom leather power reclining furniture) was initially moved to China. A few years ago, it was relocated from China to Vietnam.

Custom leather and fabric reclining products are now made in Mexico.

Non-reclining leather and fabric sofas are still being made in Flexsteel’s only surviving U.S. manufacturing facility, in Dublin, GA.

Between 2010 and 2022, overall quality deteriorated.

Major quality problem areas included:

Bonded leather – Flexsteel’s Nuvo leather generated thousands of consumer complaints about peeling or flaking leather, often within 3 years or less. (This was an industry-wide problem, especially for reclining furniture.)

Cushions – Flexsteel seemed to be constantly tinkering with its seat cushion construction. There appeared to be a major emphasis on reducing costs, resulting in severely reduced cushion lifespans.

I recently visited the Flexsteel showroom at the April 2023 International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, NC.

I am happy to report that Flexsteel’s quality level appears to be improving.

Once again, there appears to be more emphasis on long-term durability and comfort than on short-term costs reductions.

Flexsteel cutaway

Frames: Flexsteel uses 7/8″ plywood with 7 plies. Although this is far less expensive than Flexsteel’s old solid wood frames, these plywood frames should still last 20+ years for most people.

Foundation: Flexsteel’s famous flat blue steel seat support system has been the strongest in the furniture industry for over 100 years.

For average people with average use, the blue steel flat springs should last 50+ years.

If used by 300+ lb. individuals or if jumped on by kids, they will probably still last 50+ years.

[Historical factoid – I was representing Flexsteel to the U.S. government in the 1980s, when they were sued by Drexel-Heritage over the award of a government contract for sofas.

Drexel’s argument was that the contract specified “8-way hand-tied” foundations, which they claimed was superior to Flexsteel’s blue steel flat spring.

Flexsteel won the lawsuit (and the contract) by “proving” that the blue steel spring was “as good or better than” 8-way hand-tied springs.]

Cushions: Flexsteel appears to once again recognize that sofas last only as long as the seat cushions remain firm and comfortable.

All sofas now use 2.0 density foam (an upgrade from the 1.8 density foam used by many of Flexsteel’s competitors.)

In addition, the cushions are larger and thicker than they have been in previous years.

Foam cores are now larger (more surface area) and thicker (6″ or more.) Larger and thicker seat cushions last longer than smaller or thinner cushions.

New Products: Flexsteel is introducing a new Flex CollectionThis is their version of LoveSac’s highly successful Sactional design.

Flex is a modular collection of interchangeable arms, backs and seating units. These can be combined into dozens of different configurations.

Flex has many advantages over LoveSacs Sactionals, including:

Lower cost – Flexsteel’s Flex Collection is far less expensive than LoveSac’s Sactionals. Retail prices should be less than $1000 per seat. In my opinion, LoveSac is way overpriced for its quality level.

Better quality/value – The Flex Collection is a much better value with an overall quality that is as good or better than LoveSac. Flex even includes a modified version of Flexsteel’s famous blue steel flat spring seat support.

Easier Assembly – Flex assembly is simpler and takes less time than Sactionals.

Sizing – I have not directly compared the sizes of LoveSac and Flexsteel modular units, but from general observation, Flexsteel’ seating units seem to be smaller (and better suited to many rooms) than LoveSac’s huge, oversized seating units.

Flex does have some disadvantages when compared with Sactionals:

Limited storage beneath seats

No removable, washable covers. This is not as big a disadvantage as it used to be. Flexsteel offers a large selection of high performance fabrics that are very durable, highly stain resistant, and easy to clean.

When Sactionals were first introduced, many of their early fabrics were cottons. The ability to remove and wash fabric covers was far more important for cottons than for today’s high performance synthetics, which can be easily spot cleaned.

Flexsteel’s Flex Collection should be appearing in retail showroom around November or December 2023.

Another new Flexsteel product line was introduced at the October 2022 Home Furnishings Market and is now beginning to appear in stores.

The Sky Collection features special Cloudlux cushions with Trillium (down alternative) filling replacing the polyester fiber found in most sofas at all price ranges.

Trillium is far more expensive than the polyester fiber it is replacing, but provides more resilience with a softer feel.

Several high end manufacturers have been experimenting with Trillium for their back cushions, but few are using it for seat cushions.

My initial review of the Sky Collection Trillium filled seat cushions, based on trying them out in October 2022, was that the seat cushions were uncomfortably soft.

The excess softness has been corrected. The Sky seat cushions are now very comfortable.

They are also very heavy, which is a good indication that they should last for a long time.


Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 6

[Manufacturer selling Direct to consumers and through showrooms]

Preston Reverse Sectional Sofa
                                                                                                                 Preston Reversible Sectional.

Joybird is a LaZBoy company.

IThe company manufactures mid-century modern style furniture in Tijuana, Mexico.

Joybird has a wide range of sofas and sectionals.

Prices start a bit higher than most of its similarly styled Sofa in a Box mid-century modern competitors.

Frames: Hardwood plywood.  This type of frame should last 10 – 20 years.

Foundation: Sinuous wire – Cheap support system, but should last without problems for 10 – 20 years.

Seat Cushions: The last time I checked, Joybird was using a foam cushion with 3 layers: The top and bottom are 1″ thick low density Comfort foam. The middle 4″ is 2.8 density.

This is a better than average seat cushion for this price range.

Joybird (and LaZBoy) has a proprietary cushion design. The cushion inserts cannot be replaced by anyone other than Joybird when they wear out.

The lifespan for this cushion, assuming average use by average size people, is probably 5 – 6 years.

Joybird also has a soft Trillium seat cushion option.

Trillium is a fairly new material. It is a synthetic fiber that is supposed to mimic the feel of down. I would not recommend this option.

It may last only half as long as the standard foam cushion with the 2.8 density core.

Back Cushions: Back cushion construction varies with the sofa style.

Warranty and customer service: Joybird seems to have more customer complaints than some of its competitors.

Most of the complaints seem to involve shipping and customer service issues, not product quality.

It also appears as though Joybird’s initial customer service action in response to first time complaints is very poor.

Followup complaints receive a much better response rate and are much better at resolving problems in the customer’s favor.

It appears as though the initial complaints are being intentionally ignored to weed out customers who give up easily.

In my long career I spent many years working with customer service departments (both good and bad.)

It is my experience that when furniture customers are ignored after making their initial complaint, about 50% do not follow up.

The limited lifetime warranty is largely useless after the first year.

Although the covered damages appear comprehensive, there are approximately 50 exclusionary clauses near the end of the warranty that remove Joybird’s liability for almost everything that is likely to go wrong with the furniture after the first year.

This is common for low and mid-priced furniture brands.


Quality rating: 9 / Value Ranking: 9 when compared with Mid-range brands.

Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 7 (with 8 way hand tied foundation and Spring Down cushion upgrades) when compared with High end brands.

[Manufacturer selling through Authorized Dealers & Professional Interior Decorators]

60% of Kincaid upholstery sales are 8 way hand tied and 40% use the standard sinuous wirefoundation according to a Kincaid sales manager I spoke with at the October, 2022 International Home Furnishings show in High Point, NC.

Kincaid has been in business for about 75 years. It is now a LaZBoy company and is considered the top quality of all the LaZBoy upholstery brands.

Kincaid Edison sofa

Kincaid is known primarily for its solid wood bedroom and dining room furniture. 

But its sofa frames are not solid wood. They are unitized plywood and engineered wood.

Frames – Kincaid’s frames are superior to most plywood frames in this price range.

Most frames in the mid-price range are 3/4″ – 7/8″ plywood with 5 – 7 plies (layers of plywood.)

Kincaid frames are 7/8″ thick with 13 plies. This is stronger than similar thickness plywood with fewer plies.

Foundations – Kincaid offers two different types of seat support foundations.

The standard seat support is a sinuous wire foundation. These are inexpensive and very durable.

A sinuous wire foundation should last for 10 – 20 years.

Kincaid also offers an 8 way hand-tied option. 

8 way hand tied coils add several hundred dollars to the cost of a sofa.

When combined with upgraded cushions, It may put the cost of a Kincaid sofa into the high end price range.


Kincaid’s standard seat cushions are 2.0 density.

Upgraded 2.5 density foam and Spring Down cushions are also available and recommended.

Either of these upgrade options will more than double the expected cushion lifespan to 15+ years.

King Hickory

Quality rating: 9.5 / Value Ranking: 9.5 when compared with Mid-range brands

Quality rating: 6 / Value Ranking: 8 when compared with High end brands.

[Manufacturer selling through Authorized Dealers & Professional Interior Decorators]

This is good stuff, but if you want leather, check above for Carolina Custom Leather.

King Hickory Chatham Conversation Sofa 5965-ELS-F

King Hickory Chatham Conversation sofa

King Hickory is a 50+ year old upholstery manufacturer, located in Hickory, NC.

Sofa construction seems to have changed very little since I first viewed their furniture 40 years ago.

This brand is sold through authorized retail dealerships. It is not available Direct to Consumers.

King Hickory could have been evaluated in this review as either a mid-range or high-end brand.

Its furniture fits into both categories.

Although King Hickory scores near the top of the mid-range price category, it is slightly below average when compared with other high-priced brands.

Fabric sofas begin around $2200 and leather sofas around $4000.

From a pricing perspective, that puts many of their models solidly in the Mid-price range, although the majority of King Hickory products are sold at prices similar to the high-end brands.

Standard construction features include:

Solid kiln-dried hardwood frames, double dowelled and glued. Corner blocks are glued and screwed.

8 way hand tied foundation.

Spring-edge on front rail. (This is a construction detail normally found only on high end traditional style upholstery.)

Choice of 4 optional cushions (Spring Down cushions are highly recommended.*)

*Important Note:  Get the Spring Down cushion upgrade!

Foam cushions reduce my Quality and Value scores by 2 points.

There have been several consumer complaints about collapsing seat cushions. 1.8 density foam can do that. Spring Down will not!

Lane Furniture

Lane Furniture is no longer in business.

The original Lane Furniture was sold by Heritage Home Group to United Furniture in 2013 shortly before Heritage Home Group declared bankruptcy.

Most of the original Lane factories were shut down.

Although United purchased one of the Lane factories in Tupelo, MS., the products produced were not the same as those previously made and sold by Lane. 

United shut down all of its factories, including Lane, in November 2022 and is currently undergoing bankruptcy procedures.


Quality rating: 7.5 / Value Ranking: 6.5

[Manufacturer selling through retailers and its own franchised showrooms]


La-Z-Boy is a $1.5 billion business.

The LaZBoy company also owns several other brands, including England Furniture, Joybird, and Kincaid.

The company has 3 remaining U.S. manufacturing plants.

These are located in Dayton, TN, Siloam Springs, AR, and Neosho, MO. Headquarters is in Monroe, MI.

The company used to have several other U.S. manufacturing facilities that have been closed.

La-Z-Boy markets itself as a Made in America manufacturer.

But it also has major manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

In recent years, La-Z-Boy has been gradually moving more and more production to Mexico.

In addition, many of the components and fabrics used to make La-Z-Boy furniture are sourced in Asia.

Since 2019, La-Z-Boy has closed 2 of its U.S. factories, while expanding its facilities in Mexico.

A recent article on this topic can be found at Where is La-Z-Boy Furniture Made?.

La-Z-Boy has an unusually broad product selection at a wide range of prices.

Although most of its seating is in the reclining category, La-Z-Boy also has an extensive selection of stationary seating.

These are available in a wide range of prices. Some are far more durable than others.

La-Z-Boy furniture is made in both the U.S. and in Mexico.

It can be difficult to tell which models are made where.

Unless the description specifically states that the furniture is made in the U.S., it is probably safe to assume it was made in Mexico.

La-Z-Boy stationary seating is good quality mid-range mass produced furniture.

The basic construction is plywood frames and sinuous wire seat support foundations.

A large custom fabric and leather selection can increase prices substantially.

Cushion upgrades add about $150 per seat, but can double the expected lifespan of the furniture.

Cushion upgrade options are explained in A Review of La–Z-Boy’s Chair and Seat Cushions.

In the cushion upgrade option article, the ILD number describes the firmness of the cushion. An ILD of 36 is considered medium firm.

A lower number, such as the 27 available on some of the options, is softer.

The ILD firmness number does not affect durability. Firmer foam does not last any longer than softer foam with the same density.

The more important number is the foam density.

Most seat cushions are made with 1.8 density foam. La-Z-Boy’s optional upgrade adds a layer of 2.5 density.

This costs $450 per sofa but will double the expected lifespan of the cushions, but is well worth the extra cost.
The 2.5 density foam upgrade is just an added layer. If the entire cushion was 2.5 density foam, it would triple the lifespan of the cushions.

“High Resiliency” is another factor that determines foam durability.

This is a manufacturing process that adds durability to foam.

The HR process isn’t expensive, adding only about $1 per cushion to the price of the foam. This can add a year or two to the cushions’ lifespan.

Most polyurethane foam made in the U.S. for cushions is HR.

Many of the cheap imported foams are not.

La-Z-Boy has an extensive network of La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings and Décor stores.

The company also has hundreds of La-Z-Boy galleries in larger furniture stores. Most of these offer in-home design assistance.

Avoid La-Z-Boy’s bonded leather fabrics.

This includes the company’s Renew recycled leather fabrics.

La-Z-Boy provides a detailed description of its leathers and “alternative” leathers.

But the article, Leather Selections at La-Z-Boy,has some glaring errors. 

Faux leather is described as, “recycled leather that the tannery did not use because they were shaved away from the original hide grain.”

This is incorrect! The term “faux leather” is typically used to describe any synthetic leather material, including recycled leathers.

Also, “recycled leather” is not made from “shaved” pieces of leather hides.

It is made from the small pieces of complete hides that were left over after being cut up from larger pieces.

The small left-over pieces are chopped up into small granules and mixed with adhesives.

The granulated “recycled leather” is then used as the backing for recycled and bonded leather materials.

The facing of the material is 100% synthetic.

This is the opposite of what the La-Z-Boy article says.

Maiden Home

Quality rating: 9 / Value Ranking: 9 

[Online retailer sells Direct to Consumers only]


The Sullivan from Maiden Home

Maiden Home Sullivan sofa

Maiden Home marketing implies that it is a Direct-to-Consumer manufacturer. It isn’t!

Maiden Home Furniture is an online retailer.

The company contracts with several small and mid-size North Carolina manufacturers for exclusive designs.

Maiden Home furniture actually is an excellent value, but not because you are buying direct from the factory.

Maiden Home offers one of the best collections of style, quality and value for sofas in the $2000 – $3000 price range.

Maiden Home’s founder and owner Nidhi Kapur, did not have any furniture industry experience prior to starting Maiden Home.

As far as I can tell, she does not have any professional interior design credentials either. That doesn’t seem to matter.

She is an absolute genius at recognizing timeless styles, developing affordable designs, and finding skilled craftspeople to produce her curated upholstery collection.

At least a dozen other furniture brands have attempted to emulate Maiden Home’s concept over the past few years. Some are legitimate Direct-to-Consumer manufacturers.

But very few even come close to matching Maiden Home’s combination of style, quality & value.

Maiden Home’s website is simple, informative, and easy to shop. Design assistance is also available.

Assigning quality & Value scores to Maiden Home is difficult.

Because the furniture is produced by multiple factories, materials and specifications can vary among the different models.

Some have 8 way hand tied, Others have sinuous wire or webbing.

Frames are 1″ thick hardwood laminate (plywood). That is above the industry standard of 3/4 – 7/8 inch thickness in this price range.

Cushions vary by style. Many have 1.8 density foam.

In most 3 seat sofas, I consider 1.8 density foam to be substandard, but Maiden Home’s sofas usually have only 1 or 2 seat cushions.

Cushions with larger surface areas increases the durability and lifespan of the foam, since less downward pressure is being exerted per square inch.

Delivery: Custom pieces may be ready for delivery in  6 – 8 weeks from time of order.

Shipping fees: Complimentary shipping and white glove delivery service with any furniture order.

Mantle Furniture

Quality rating: 10 / Value Ranking: 10* when compared with mid-range brands (for fabric.)

Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 10* when compared with High end brands.

*Value ranking drops to 7 for leather in both Mid-range and High-end. This brand is not as good a value for leather.

[Manufacturer selling Direct To Consumers only]

110" sofa

Mantle  Burke 110″ sofa

Mantle makes high quality 8 way hand tied sofas in the $2000 – $3000 price range.

8 way hand tied sofas priced under $3000 are rare.

Mantle, King Hickory and a few Maiden Home models all qualify for this high value sub-category.

Mantle is owned by the 3rd generation of a family that has been making high end couches and other upholstered seating in North Carolina for over 60 years.

Quality is similar to well-known brands such as C.R. Laine, Bradington Young, Sherrill, Lee Industries, Huntington House, Temple Furniture & Taylor King.

Mantle has two big advantages over the higher priced 8 way hand tied brands listed above:

The company sells direct to the public, bypassing retailers’ delays and pricing markups.

Mantle builds and ships its 8 way hand tied upholstery in only 4 – 8 weeks. (Custom options can increase the production time.)

All the other 8 way hand tied brands listed above sell only through retail dealers.

Sofa prices start above $3000.

Most require 12 – 24 weeks for manufacturing and shipping.

To keep prices low and shipping fast, Mantle offers only 3 styles and fewer than 100 fabrics and leathers.

Each style is available in numerous sizes and configurations, including 1 chair size, 2 loveseat sizes, 4 sofa sizes and 7 sectional configurations.

Additional custom sizes can be ordered.

Special lengths and seat depths are available upon request.

Modified arm and back heights are also available.

 Frames are 7/8″ kiln-dried hardwood plywood with 13 plies. They will last 20+ years and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Many hardwood plywood frames in the mid-price range are 7/8″ thick, but have only 5 – 7 plies (wood layers.)

7/8″ thick hardwood plywood with 13 plies is substantially stronger and more durable than  7/8″ plywood with 5 – 7 plies.

Foundations: 8 way hand tied only.

Cushions: Multiple cushion options are offered. Standard cushions are 2.05 density Qualux® foam with a 21 firmness rating*.

The standard cushion has a soft (plush) feel and should last 10+ years (for average size people.)

Optional extra-firm 2.55 density Qualux® foam cushions with a 31 firmness rating*.

The 2.55 density extra firm cushions should last 15+ years (for average size people.)

Spring down cushions are not currently on the Mantle website, but are available upon request.

Spring down cushions should also last 15+ years with little or no loss of shape or firmness.

The Spring down cushions are firmer than the standard 2.05 density foam cushions, but softer than the 2.55 density extra-firm cushions.

Mantle sells exclusively through its website.

The company’s customer service is amazingly efficient and helpful.

Marshfield Furniture

Quality rating: 8.5 / Value Ranking: 6.5

[Manufacturer selling through retailers]

Marshfield Furniture has been handcrafted in the U.S.A. since 1944.

Marshfield’s collections range from Transitional to Modern, with an emphasis on its own Rustic Lodge styling.

Over 75 frame styles and 400 fabrics are available. All pieces are handcrafted to order.

Quality is above average for mid-range quality seating.

Pricing is at the high end of the mid-priced range, with several pieces crossing over into high-end levels.

The quality level is not up to the “high-end” brands I have listed in this review article.

It is also not up to the level of several mid-range brands listed, including Mantle, Medley Home, King Hickory, and Simplicity Sofas.

Frames: 7/8″ plywood made with seven laminated 1/8″ plies. Several high end brands also use this type of frame.

The arm curves are created with heavy density cardboard. This is fairly common among mid-range quality brands. It is not usually found in high quality sofas.

Higher quality brands used contoured foam, rather than cardboard, to create frame curves.

Foundation: Frame within a frame construction. Machine-tied drop-in coil unit nested in a heavier gauge coils around the perimeter of the foundation.

This is superior to the sinuous wire springs found in most mid-range quality sofas. 

Drop-in coil springs are less expensive than 8 way hand-tied, but even more durable and almost as comfortable.

Seat cushions: 2.2 density foam. This is superior to the 1.8 density foam used in most mid-range quality sofas. It is not as good as the 2.5 density and Spring down options available with most high quality brands.

Medley Home

Quality rating: 9.5 / Value Ranking: 9.5 when compared with Mid-range brands.

Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 8.5 when compared with High end brands.

[Manufacturer selling Direct To Consumers only]

modern sofa
Medley Home Kirnik sofa

Medley Home has two factories.

The factories (workshops) are located in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR.

Both workshops have a combined size of 30,000 sq. ft.

35 highly skilled craftspeople build custom upholstery and wood products, one handcrafted piece at a time.

The company sells Direct to Consumers only through its website.

Free design services are available.

Styles and designs emphasize durability, comfort and sustainability.

Materials are locally sourced, using environmentally friendly materials.

Medley Home seating is as strong and durable as any of the brands listed in the High-end section of this review.

Frames: Kiln-dried solid hardwoods. Construction includes double dowels, screwed and glued corner blocks. (This is better construction than many of the High-end brands.)

Foundation: Medley’s hand-tied, Arch Suspension System begins with traditional sinuous springs. These are then further reinforced by using twine to hand-tie the springs together in a unique pattern, creating a suspension system that improves both support and comfort.

Seat cushions: Standard seat cushions have thicker foam cores than most other brands in this price range.

Most seat cushions in this price range are fabricated using 5 – 5 1/2 inch thick 1.8 density foam, which is then built up with several inches of polyester fiber to create cushions that measure  8 – 9 inches in height.

Medley’s foam cores are 6 – 7 inch thick, using 2.5 density polyurethane foam certified by CertiPUR-US® .

Medley uses only 1/4″ of polyester fiber wrapped around the foam.

The result is a cushion whose total height is the same as its foam core.

The cushions look thinner than most mid-range seat cushions, but last more than 3x as long (15+ years for most people.)

Medley Home is extremely concerned for the environment.

One of its cushion options is GOLS-certified organic natural Dunlop latex foam wrapped in wool for softness.

Medley uses Dunlop latex, rather than Talalay latex, for a couple reasons.
It’s denser and more durable.
Also, the latex produced by the Talalay process contains materials other than latex, including curing agents and ammonia that may be used to stabilize the liquid rubber.

All foam used by Medley Home meets or exceeds updated CertiPUR-US®-certified emissions and durability standards.

CertiPUR-US® leaves out unwanted chemicals like ozone depleters, flame retardants, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

Back cushions: Polyester fiber is standard, but an optional Down/feather filling is popular. Back cushions are constructed with baffling, a design that uses vertical walls of fabric to regulate the movement of the down filling and help keep it in place.

Fabrics: The fabric selection includes organic natural fibers, synthetics (including high performance fabrics), and leathers.

Medley’s fabric swatch page includes durability icons (puppies and bubbles) to highlight the most durable, kid-friendly (and pet-friendly) fabrics.

Warranty: Medley Home has one of the strongest warranties in the furniture industry.

Unlike almost all other brands in this price range, their warranty does not include an extensive list of exceptions and exclusions that nullify most of the things you think are covered.

They do not charge extra for extended warranties from 3rd party companies.

Medley Home’s warranty is simple: A lifetime warranty on frames, a 10-year warranty on cushions, and a 5-year warranty on fabric upholstery. No exceptions.

Warranties like this were common 40 years ago. Today, they are almost extinct.

This is the type of warranty a furniture company offers when it is confident of its quality, and genuinely wants to take care of customers who do experience problems.

Natuzzi Editions and Palliser

Quality rating: 5 / Value Ranking: 3

[Manufacturers selling through Retailers]

Natuzzi Editions and Palliser are being reviewed together. They make very similar furniture and compete directly for the same types of customers.

Although their prices may seem higher than most other brands in this mid-range section, most of their sales are for leather.

Real leather sofas selling for less than $5000, are usually within the mid-range price category.

Natuzzi Editions is the largest leather seating manufacturer in the world.

Natuzzi Editions furniture sold in the U.S. is made primarily in Asia.

About a year ago, in the midst of the Pandemic, , Natuzzi Editions announced it would be opening a Mexico manufacturing facility. I don’t know whether that was actually opened or was cancelled as  supply chain and shipping problems eased.

Natuzzi Editions seating sold in Europe is mostly made in Romania and possibly other Eastern European locations.

Natuzzi Italia furniture is more expensive and better made. It is built in Italy and is not being reviewed here.

Palliser bills itself as a Canadian company, but Palliser seating sold in the U.S. comes from its 3 Mexican factories.

Palliser also has a Canadian assembly plant. This factory assembles parts made in Mexico. The finished products are then distributed to its Canadian customers.

Natuzzi & Palliser combine high quality leather with poor quality frames & foundations.

The excellent leather allows both brands to offer seating that looks and feels great when brand new.

The cheap frames, foundations, and cushions limit the furniture’s expected lifespan.

Although the leather may last 20+ years, the estimated frame lifespan is 8 – 10 years.

The cushions and foundation may wear out within 5 years or less.

Natuzzi introduced the first cheap “real” leather sofas in the 1960s.

The streamlined modern design allows highly efficient, low cost manufacturing.

Costs are further cut by using low-cost materials inside the furniture, where they cannot be seen.

Natuzzi and Palliser marketing highlights the beautiful, plush leather. It makes very little reference to the inferior frames, foundations, and cushions.

Natuzzi and Palliser frames are constructed with fiberboard, plywood, and softwoods.

They are equivalent in quality to frames used in fabric sofas selling for less than $1000.

Fiberboard and softwood frames do not hold staples or other fasteners well. As a result, the frames are  held together primarily with glue.

Glue is very strong. When a heavy pressure is exerted on a sofa seat, the frame is far more likely to break than for the glue to fail.

Natuzzi’s foundations are made with elasticized webbing.

Webbing can be an excellent foundational support – but not the type of webbing Natuzzi uses and not the way they install it.

Top-quality, high-end modern-style furniture uses webbing that is wide, thick, and does not stretch.

Natuzzi and Palliser use lower-quality “stretchable” webbing.

Stretchable webbing is far easier (and faster) to install by low-skilled assembly line workers.

Stretchable webbing can “sag” after a few years of use.

Larger than average individuals or kids who like to jump on the sofa can cause cushions to sag even sooner.

Engineered woods, fiberboard, and softwood, like those used by Natuzzi, do not hold staples well.

Loose staples can pull out over time, causing the webbing to sag.

Sagging webbing results in uncomfortable seat cushions that wear out more quickly.

High-quality non-stretchable webbing, used in better quality seating, is securely fastened to strong solid hardwood frames.

Palliser is a Canadian brand.

But most Palliser Furniture sold in the USA is manufactured in Mexico, not Canada.

Like Natuzzi, Palliser’s modern designs allow efficient low-cost production.

They also use high-quality leather in combination with low-cost frames and foundations.

Both Natuzzi & Palliser make furniture that looks good on the outside and feels good in the showroom when new.

The leather is of excellent quality.

It will far outlast the rest of the sofa.

Everything on the inside, that cannot be seen, is built as cheaply as possible.

The frames are very inexpensive.

Made with cheap engineered wood and softwoods.

Engineered wood does not hold staples well.

As a result, the frames are basically held together with glue.

The frame quality is no better than many brands selling at less than half of Palliser’s prices.

Palliser’s seat cushions are fabricated with 1.8 density foam cores.

This is industry standard foam, found in sofas selling for $499 to $3000+

1.8 density foam seat cushions have an average lifespan of 5 years in stationary sofas.

Natuzzi & Palliser both have extensive selections of reclining furniture.

This review does not cover reclining furniture. In most cases, reclining furniture has a shorter lifespan than stationary seating made by the same brand.


In one of the videos below, one of Palliser’s employees speaks proudly about the company’s lifetime warranty. Palliser does not have a lifetime warranty. You can read the current warranty document here.

Palliser’s longest warranty is 10 years on wood frames, springs or webbing.

What they do not point out is a clause stating that after the first year, this covers only replacement parts. It does not include labor or transportation, if the sofa needs to be taken somewhere for repair. Component parts are very cheap. Labor and transportation are far more.

Natuzzi’s warranty is 10 years for wood frames only. Springs and webbing are covered for only 2 years. But because it also does not include labor or transportation after the first year, it is actually just as good as Palliser’s warranty.

After the first year, the warranty covers only the parts and materials needed for repairs, but not labor costs.

Palliser cushions are warrantied for 5 years. But there is an added clause that states,

“All cushions will soften with use and will conform to the shape of the user. This softening is considered normal wear and is in no way considered a
manufacturer’s defect.”

That clause describes exactly what cushions do when they wear out.

It may happen after 5 years, or 3 years, or less. Regardless of how soon your cushions soften up, Palliser will not be replace them under warranty.

This is the same for almost all low and mid-priced sofa brands.

Natuzzi’s 2 year cushion warranty has an almost identical exclusion clause.

It does not cover:

Softening of the cushions with use, which must not in any way be interpreted as a loss of resilience due to production faults, defects in materials, or non-conformities of any kind.

Extended warranties do not help in any way. All of the restrictions listed above will also be found in extended warranties.

Check out the video below showing how a Natuzzi sofa is constructed.


Check out this additional Video of a customer describing problems with a Natuzzi sectional.

Palliser has just as many problems.

Here are a few independent review websites I pulled up.

Better Business Bureau – Complaints

Complaints board


Yelp reviews

Check out these videos of Palliser Furniture made in Mexico:

Omnia Leather

Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 10 (for leather) Value ranking 8 (for fabric)

[Manufacturer selling through retailers]

Omnia is the best value for mid-range leather.

This environmentally conscious brand has a large selection of high quality all- leather sofas for less than $3000.

Frames: Kiln-dried hardwood and plywood frames:

Foundation: Sinuous wire with reinforcing cross-ties.

Cushions: Standard cushions are 2.0 density. Optional higher density cushions are available in a choice of different firmnesses.

Fabrics and leathers: Omnia has a good fabric selection, but it specializes in leathers, with an extensive selection in top grain and full grain.

Omnia’s highest grade leathers can add $1000 or more to a sofa’s price.

The vast assortment of leathers is sourced primarily from Europe. According to a company spokesperson, Omnia does not use Chinese leathers.

Omnia is manufactured in California, a state with the strictest environmental regulations in the nation.

As a result, Omnia is especially sensitive to ensuring that its products are “green” and sustainable.

The company is a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 7 

[Manufacturer selling through retailers]

Rowe Robin Bruce Cindy sofa

Rowe is a difficult brand to review.

The company boasts a 75 year history, but the company that emerged after the 2007 bankruptcy is very different than the Rowe that existed previously.

Rowe’s Robin Bruce line has similar construction to the regular Rowe line, but features upscale traditional styling.

Price Range

This review article is broken up into different price ranges.

Mid-range upholstery brands primarily offer fabric sofas that sell for less than $3000.

Upholstery brands that primarily sell sofas for more than $3000 are designated “High-end.”

Rowe makes sofas that sell for less than $3000.

But they also make a lot of sofas that sell for more than $3000.

Many of the Robin Bruce “Designer” line sofas sell for a lot more than $3000.

From a construction (quality) view, Rowe (and Robin Bruce) are solidly Mid-range.

Frame: Plywood with mortise and tenon or double-dowel and corner-block construction.

Foundation: Sinuous wire springs

Cushions: These vary by model.

Most models are available with 1.8 density foam cushions standard. Some are 2.3 density. There is a 2.5 density cushion option.

Altogether, Rowe offers 9 different cushion options.

Spring down cushions (a common option with high-end brands) are not available.

One of the reasons I rate Rowe as Mid-range rather than High-end is that many of their standard cushions are not “bagged.”

“Bagging” means that the cushion cores are encased in a fabric ticking.

The fabric ticking “bag” is an important feature. It helps preserve cushion shape, resilience, and durability.

Many mid-range brands routinely “bag” their cushions. All high-end brands do.

If you buy Rowe or Robin Bruce furniture, get the optional 2.3 or 2.5 density cushion upgrades.

The upgraded cushions will last more than twice as long as the standard 1.8 density foam cores.

Note: Rowe’s Haven cushion option is unusual. It has a 1.8 density foam core with 2″ thick layers of 2.5 density memory foam above and below the central core.

Memory foam has a different density scale than standard polyurethane foam.

2.5 density memory foam is actually less durable than the 1.8 density polyurethane foam.

For memory foam a 3.0 density is roughly equivalent to 1.8 density normal foam.,

Conclusion: The Haven is a super soft cushion that won’t last any longer than the standard 1.8 density foam cushions.

Simplicity Sofas

Quality rating: 10 / Value Ranking: 10 

Special 10% Discount to InsidersGuideToFurniture.com readers (Use Coupon Code IGF10)

[Manufacturer selling Direct To Consumers only]

This Simplicity Ashton slipcovered sofa ships unassembled and fits through 15″ width doors and stairways.


Simplicity Sofas furniture is designed to last forever.

Simplicity Sofas and Sectionals are built to last forever. This is not an exaggeration!

Simplicity Sofas’ patented sustainable furniture design conceptwon the $20,000 Grand Prize in a nationwide competition for Most Innovative American Small Business in 2012.

The company’s sofas and sectionals are built to last 20+ years, but are priced competitively with many brands that sell sofas with 5 year average lifespans.

Sofa prices start at $1800 (before Special IGF 10% discount.)

The company has not raised prices over the previous 5 years. Price increases may be coming soon.

During the Pandemic, extensive order backlogs exceeded 2 years at times. The company was not accepting leather orders.

The order backlog has now been cleared up. Orders for leather are once again being accepted.

Custom orders are now being built and shipped within 4 – 6 weeks for in-stock fabrics.

Leather orders are being built and shipped in 8 – 12 weeks.

Frames: All Solid Oak  (See picture below.)

solid oak frame
Simplicity Sofas solid oak frame.


Seat Cushions: Standard cushions are 2.5 density Ultracel foam with a dacron polyester fiber wrapping. Ultracel is a foam brand, second in quality only to Qualux.

Two upgrade cushion options are available:

Memory foam:  2″ of memory foam replaces the dacron polyester fiber as a wrapping around the 2.5 density foam core.

Spring Down: Marshall unit coil springs surrounded by a 2.5 density foam border. Above and below the springs and foam is a down and feather filled wrapper.

Back Cushions: Foam and fiber sewn into channels to prevent bunching and shifting.

Almost all back cushions in this price range are stuffed with polyester fiber. Occasionally, there are upgrades that substitute feathers/down for fiber.

Simplicity Sofas mixes crushed foam with fiber for its back cushions. This costs more, but allows the back cushions to maintain their loft and shape far longer than fiber (or feather) filled back cushions.

Fitted slipcovers: All Simplicity Sofas furniture is designed to accept fitted slipcovers.

Unlike conventional slipcovers, these do not go over a cheap muslin covering. These slipcovers are designed to fit over fully upholstered Simplicity Sofas seating.

About half of Simplicity Sofas slipcovers are sold with the original furniture. Half are sold many years later. A new slipcover can transform a 10 year old Simplicity Sofa into a piece that looks brand new.

Simplicity Sofas slipcovers are not loose and baggy. They are designed so that they do not look like slipcovers at all.

See the Ashton slipcovered sofa photo above. Skirts are optional.

Special Features:

Designed for Small Spaces and Narrow Places. Every Simplicity sofa, sectional and sleeper is guaranteed to fit through 15″ width doors and stairways.

Individual components are easily replaceable. Arms, backs, bases, legs, cushion covers, and cushion cores are all easily and inexpensively replaceable. Replacement parts can be installed by consumers without professional assistance.

Cushion covers are made with extra-strong, hidden zippers that run all the way across the back and half way up the sides. This allows cushion covers and cushion inserts (foam cores) to be easily replaced without professional assistance.

Modular design system is eco-friendly and sustainable. A detailed description of Simplicity Sofas’ modular design system can be found at Why Can’t Sofas Be Designed to Last Forever?

Simplicity Sofas’ owner is fanatical about the quality of the furniture. He personally inspects every piece before it leaves the factory.

Simplicity Sofas has an unusually high percentage of repeat customers and referrals from previous customers.

Note: I founded Simplicity Sofas in 2007 and retired from the company in March 2022.]

I do not receive payment or compensation of any kind from any of the brands reviewed or mentioned on this website, including Simplicity Sofas.

Smith Brothers

Quality rating: 10 / Value Ranking: 8  

[Manufacturer selling through retailers]

Smith Brothers
Smith Brothers sofa

Smith Brothers has 2 factories in Berne, Indiana.

The company has been in business for 75 years.

The factories are located in the heart of Amish country. Although the furniture is not officially “Amish made,” it is “built in the Swiss-Amish tradition.”

From a quality standpoint, Smith Brothers could qualify as a high end brand, but its prices fall well within the mid-range category.

Frames – Smith Brothers frames are solid kiln-dried maple, double-dowelled, corner blocked, glued and screwed.

Foundations – Drop-in coil springs are just as durable and almost as comfortable as 8 way hand-tied at a cost that is hundreds of dollars less.

The cost difference comes from the need for dozens of hours of high quality craftsmanship needed to install 8 way hand-tied springs, compared with a few minutes of labor from lower skilled workers.

Drop-in coil springs should last longer than the 8 way hand-tied. (The twine used on the 8-way tends to rot after about 20 years.)

Few people, including furniture professionals, can tell the difference in comfort between the 8 way hand tied and a good quality drop-in coil spring when used together with firm foam or spring down cushions.

Spring edge construction results in a soft top edge to the front rail. This not only adds comfort, but decreases the foam compression and increases its lifespan.

Self-decking – This means the same fabric applied to the sofa is also used for the seat deck underneath the seat cushions.

This is purely cosmetic. It will not increase sofa lifespan, but does add to the cost of the furniture. It is rarely seen in recent years and is almost never found in  leather furniture.

Cushions – Smith Brothers uses 2.5 density Qualux foam.

2.5 density foam should last 15+ years for most people. Qualux is the highest quality polyurethane foam available and should last longer than other foams of equal density.

Smith Brothers discontinued its reclining sofa and sectional line, but still makes reclining chairs.

Although Smith Brothers reclining furniture is made to the same quality standards, motorized reclining mechanisms generally limit the lifespan to 10 years or less. Replacement parts can be hard to find. Manual mechanisms can last 10+ years.


Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 8 – 9 * 

[Manufacturer selling through retailers]

Stanton furniture is made near Portland, Oregon and is mostly sold in Northwestern states.


Stanton 484 Sofa

Stanton sofas are better made than most other mid-range, mass produced couches.

They are better made than LaZBoy, Flexsteel, England, or Craftmaster, just to name a few of their major competitors.

To give you an example of where they are better, here is a diagram of the Stanton construction:

sofa construction
Stanton construction

Stanton’s “above-average construction features include:

Solid kiln-dried hardwood frames: The other brands mentioned above are all using plywood.

Plywood frames last 10 – 20 years. Solid kiln-dried hardwood frames cost more to make and should last at least as long. Staples and nails hold better in solid hardwood, so there is less chance that the foundation will loosen or break over time.

Foundation: Stanton is using a basic sinuous wire foundation, but adding additional stabilizing support wires and edge supports.

Not all mid-range sofas have the stabilizing support wires and I don’t know of any others with the hand-tied edge-supports combined with sinuous wire. The extra Stanton features add both durability and additional comfort.

Contoured foam for arms: The rounded foam padding that gives the arm its shape is a step up from many mid-range competitors.  LaZBoy and England, get that rounded shape by using flexible cardboard. On cheaper sofas you can sometimes push in on the arm and hear the cardboard flex.

Modular construction: Stanton’s modular construction is a more expensive way to build furniture than standard pre-assembled frames, but it makes the furniture easier to transport or fit through narrow doors or stairways. It also saves money if you ever need to repair or replace any parts.

Cushions: Stanton’s standard cushions are 1.8 density Reflex foam. Reflex foam is pre-compressed (to remove the air.) This allows it to last longer than standard 1.8 density polyurethane foams.

Stanton also has a 2.2 density upgrade option. 2.2 density foam seat cushions will last about twice as long as standard 1.8 density cushions.

My estimated lifespan for Stanton’s 1.8 density Reflex cushions is 4 – 6 years.

The 2.2 density foam cushions should last 6 – 8 years.

These estimated lifespans assume average use by average size people. A 250 lb. person who uses the sofa every day could wear out 1.8 density foam in less than 2 years.

*Prices: My value rating above is 8 – 9. This reflects the difference in value between Stanton’s standard list prices and the Sale prices for their sofas.

At the $2000+ price level you can get superior sofas. Check out How Much Do I Need to Spend to get a High Quality Sofa? 

Several brands in the $2000 – $3000 price range will last 20+ years. Stanton has an average lifespan of around 10 years with the high density cushion option.

I have seen Stanton sofas sold at sale prices up to 40% off.

At 20% off list price, Stanton sofas are an excellent value. At 40% off, they become an outstanding value.

High-End Sofa & Sectional Brands

Sofa prices start over $3,000 (fabric) or $5000 (leather)

All of the high end brands listed in this section manufacture seating that should hold up 20+ years if properly cared for.

Guide to High end Quality Ratings: 10 = Heirloom quality, 9 = Extraordinary quality 8 = Kiln-dried Solid hardwood frame + 8 way hand tied foundation, 7 = Plywood frame + 8 way hand tied, 6 = Plywood & Sinuous wire foundation

American Leather

Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 7

American Leather is among the highest quality USA made Motion furniture brands.

This review is specifically about American Leather’s stationary sofas and sectionals.

Only 20% of American Leather sales are for stationary seating.

Customizable Furniture | High End Leather Furniture

American Leather is possibly the most technologically advanced upholstery manufacturer in the U.S.

Unlike most high end sofa brands, this company does not emphasize handcrafting. It does have:

Advanced computer modeling  ensuring highly efficient production and very close tolerances.

European upholstery method – Cushions are custom fitted to each frame, ensuring a precise fit for the foam and padding.

Cellular manufacturing – Each piece of furniture is crafted by a small team of workers who each specialize on one small part of the furniture.

Most American Leather cushions use 2.0 density foam, which is above average, but cannot be expected to last 15+ years like Spring Down or 2.5 density foams.

Upgraded (longer lasting) cushion options are available for some styles. 

At the last High Point International Furniture Market (October 2022) I was especially impressed with American Leather’s Comfort Air Chair collection.

Comfort Air chairs are expensive, but they are possibly the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in.

American Leather is an eco-conscious company. It was a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council – a nonprofit organization committed to sustainable practices in the furniture industry.

American Leather is especially strong in its motion furniture collections (reclining furniture and sleepers.)

The company is making a major effort to dominate high end motion furniture for the U.S. market.

Its stationary sofas and sectionals have far more competition, especially from European brands.

Baker Furniture

Quality rating:10 / Value Ranking: 8

Chatsworth Sofa by Stately Homes - BA863S | Baker Furniture

Baker Furniture Chatsworth sofa

Heirloom quality furniture. The relatively low Value Ranking is not an indication of any flaw or problem with Baker furniture. It’s just very expensive.

Baker’s prices reflect the extremely high level of materials and craftsmanship, but you are also paying for the brand name of a widely recognized heirloom quality manufacturer.

Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 8

Bradington-Young - Carrado Stationary Sofa 8-Way Tie - Sable Brown - BYX-780-95980015-85PLBNTap

Bradington Young Carado leather sofa

Frames: Hardwood plywood.

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Standard cushions are Spring Down with optional alternatives.

Back Cushions: Fiber plush back cushions are made up of 2″ hollow siliconized polyester fibers.

Leathers: High quality top grain natural leathers.

Hancock & Moore is probably the best known brand for high end leather shoppers. Bradington Young is often recommended as an alternative for those looking for high end quality at a lower price.

Bradington Young is especially strong in their reclining furniture offerings.  See my review article, 21 Reclining Sectional & Sofa Brand Reviews for 2023.

Carolina Custom Leather

Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 9 when compared with High end brands.

[Manufacturer selling through Authorized Dealers & Professional Interior Decorators]

1 Best Source For Custom Leather Furniture From North Carolina

Frames: Solid hardwood. No plywood or particle board. Frame joints are double-doweled, glued, and screwed.

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Standard cushions are Spring Down with optional alternatives.

Back Cushions: Fiber plush back cushions are made up of 2″ hollow siliconized polyester fibers.

Leathers: High quality top grain natural leathers.


Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 8

Bernard Sofa by Century

Bernard sofa from Century Furniture

Frames: Solid hardwood. Frame joints are double-doweled, glued, and screwed.

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Spring Down, Down/Feather, other optional alternatives.

Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 8

Cisco Brothers Dexter Sofa

Cisco Brothers Dexter sofa

Frames: Solid hardwood. Frame joints are double-doweled, glued, and screwed.

Foundation: 8 way hand tied,

Sustainability & Eco – friendly emphasis

Drexel Furniture

Drexel Furniture is no longer in business.

Drexel closed down in 2013 when parent company Heritage Home Group declared bankruptcy.

The Drexel trademarks were purchased by Authentic Brands Group in 2018.

It is possible that Authentic Brands will license the Drexel brand name, but the products made and sold will have no relationship with the old Drexel Furniture.


Hancock & Moore

Quality rating: 9 / Value Ranking: 8

Hancock and Moore
Hancock and Moore sofa

Frames: Solid hardwood. Frame joints are double-doweled, glued, and screwed.

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Standard cushions are Spring Down with multiple alternative options.

Back Cushions: Fiber plush back cushions are made up of 2″ hollow siliconized polyester fibers.

Leathers: High quality full and top grain natural leathers.

Henredon Furniture

Henredon Furniture is no longer in business.

Henredon closed down in 2013 when parent company Heritage Home Group declared bankruptcy.

The Henredon trademarks were purchased by Authentic Brands Group in 2018.

It is possible that Authentic Brands will license the Henredon name, but the products made and sold will have no relationship with the old Henredon Furniture.

Huntington House

Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 9

3213-20 - Huntington House Furniture

Huntington House skirted sofa

Frames: Solid hardwood. Frame joints are double-doweled, glued, and screwed.

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Standard cushions are Spring Down with multiple alternative options.

King Hickory

Quality rating: 9.5 / Value Ranking: 9.5 when compared with Mid-range brands

Quality rating: 6 / Value Ranking: 8 when compared with High end brands.

[Manufacturer selling through Authorized Dealers & Professional Interior Decorators]

This is good stuff, but if you want leather, check above for Carolina Custom Leather.

King Hickory Chatham Conversation Sofa 5965-ELS-F

King Hickory Chatham Conversation sofa

King Hickory is a 50+ year old upholstery manufacturer, located in Hickory, NC.

Sofa construction seems to have changed very little since I first viewed their furniture 40 years ago.

This brand is sold through authorized retail dealerships. It is not available Direct to Consumers.

King Hickory could have been evaluated in this review as either a mid-range or high-end brand.

Its furniture fits into both categories.

Although King Hickory scores near the top of the mid-range price category, it is slightly below average when compared with other high-priced brands.

Fabric sofas begin around $2200 and leather sofas around $4000.

From a pricing perspective, that puts many of their models solidly in the Mid-price range, although the majority of King Hickory products are sold at prices similar to the high-end brands.

Standard construction features include:

Solid kiln-dried hardwood frames, double dowelled and glued. Corner blocks are glued and screwed.

8 way hand tied foundation.

Spring-edge on front rail. (This is a construction detail normally found only on high end traditional style upholstery.)

Choice of 4 optional cushions (Spring Down cushions are highly recommended.*)

*Important Note:  Get the Spring Down cushion upgrade!

Foam cushions reduce my Quality and Value scores by 2 points.

There have been several consumer complaints about collapsing seat cushions. 1.8 density foam can do that. Spring Down will not!


Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 9

Leathercraft Wakefield Sofa 2120-80-18 | Wakefiled Sofa

Leathercraft Wakefield sofa

Frames: Solid hardwood. Frame joints are double-doweled, glued, and screwed.

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Standard cushions are Spring Down with multiple alternative options.

Lee Industries

Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 8

Lee Industries chair construction
Lee Industries chair construction

Frames: Hardwood plywood. Mortise & Tenon construction

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Standard cushions 1.8 density foam. 4 optional upgrades.

Back Cushions: Fiber filled back cushions.


Quality rating: 4 / Value Ranking: 2 

[Manufacturer selling Direct To Consumer through its own retail stores and e-commerce.]

Lovesac Sactional Sofa
Lovesac Sactional.

Lovesac’s Sactional is a versatile modular sofa/sectional that can be configured into multiple groupings.

75% of Lovesac sales are made through retail locations. 25% of sales come from e-commerce.

Lovesac is in the high end section of this review site for one reason – it is expensive!

From a quality perspective, this furniture is far below every other brand listed in this price range. 

A modular 3 seat sofa, such as the one shown in the photo above, sells for $3000 – $4000, depending on fabric & options.

Lovesac’s modular concept is tremendously successful. It has been one of the fastest growing companies in the entire furniture industry over the past several years.

This seating has been designed for functionality, not for comfort.

Lovesac’s marketing heavily emphasizes that the furniture is “Designed For Life,” built to “withstand the test of time.” Its seating is “Built to Last and Designed to Evolve so that they never go out of style and never become obsolete.”

The implication is that the high prices Lovesac charges is for seating that is extremely sturdy and durable.

Although Lovesac’s motto, “Designed for Life” is literally accurate, it does not mean what most people think it means.

It does not mean that the foam won’t lose its resiliency and comfort or the fabric won’t wear out. It means that everything is replaceable!

Individual components, including cushion cores, cushion covers, arms, backs, etc,. can all be replaced when they wear out or get damaged.

This is a tremendous benefit for Lovesac. Profit margins are far higher on replacement parts than on the original furniture!

For example, cushion covers are almost certainly the most common replacement part purchased.

Lovesac’s selling price for replacement covers for a single seat unit in their standard velvet fabric is $300 ($240 on sale.) The cover set consists of separate covers for the seat cushion, back cushion, back and base. This requires about 5 yards of fabric.

Lovesac’s cost for this fabric is less than $5 per yard. The cost of labor for sewing each of the covers is less than $5 each. The replacement covers can be shipped for about $10.

Lovesac’s total manufacturing and shipping cost for a set of replacement covers for a single seat unit is about $55. (That is probably a high estimate.) The selling price is $240 (on sale.) Three quarters of the selling price is pure profit.

The MT Company (Michael Thomas/Miles Talbot)

Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 9

the MT Company Living Room Webster Sofa TAL-2340-S | Hickory Furniture Mart | Hickory, NC

M.T. Company Webster sofa

MT has three divisions – Michael Thomas, Miles Talbot and MT Outdoor. Michael Thomas and Miles Talbot started as separate factories owned by a father & son. They combined in a single factory in 2012.

Frames: Hardwood plywood. Mortise & Tenon construction

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Spring down standard on most styles + 5 additional seat cushion options.

Back Cushions: 4 back cushion options.

Eco-friendly emphasis

A. Rudin

Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 8

New Products Product: 2838

A. Rudin 2838 sofa

Frames: Hardwood plywood. Mortise & Tenon construction

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Multiple options.


Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 8

Sherrill DC 373 sofa

Frames: 5/4″ & 6/4″ Solid & laminated hardwood

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Multiple options.


Quality rating: 9 / Value Ranking: 7

Orchard Street Sofa – Stickley Brand

Orchard Street sofa by Stickley

The Stickley Brand name adds a premium to the price you will pay. On the other hand, it also has a higher re-sale value.

Frames: Solid hardwood. Many Stickley sofas have exposed wood frames

Foundation: 8-way hand knotted springs. Stickley’s catalog is careful to point out that their sofas are not just 8 way hand-tied, but 8 way hand knotted, a process that takes twice as long but results in a sturdier foundation.

Seat Cushions: Multiple options.

Back cushions: Several Stickley styles have “tight backs” (non-removable back cushions.) Stickley uses Marshall unit coil springs for these backs, an unusual (and expensive) method of getting very comfortable back support.


Quality rating: 8 / Value Ranking: 4

[This quality rating above is for Stressless stationary sofas. It is higher than the Quality rating for Stressless reclining furniture that accounts for the majority of Stressless sales.]


Stressless Buckingham high back sofa

The quality ratings and value rankings shown above are for stationary seating, not reclining seating (which accounts for the majority of Stressless sales.)

Stressless’ power reclining furniture gets much lower quality ratings than their stationary seating.

Stressless’ manual reclining seating can be expected to last far longer than its power reclining models.

Stressless’ modern style stationary seating is very durable and should last 20+ years (especially in leather.) but it is priced very high compared with other brands making similar styles.

Frame: Steam-bent molded plywood

Foundation: Sinuous wire

Cushions: Molded foam

90% of sales are leather.

Taylor King

Quality rating: 8.5 / Value Ranking: 8

Custom Upholstery Furniture | Taylor King

Taylor King custom sectional

Frames: Solid hardwood. Frame joints are double-doweled, glued, and screwed.

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Multiple options.

Back cushions: 50% polyester fiber / 50% down blend (25% down/75% feathers)

Temple Furniture

Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 7

Temple Furniture -

Temple Furniture sectional

Frames: Solid hardwood. Frame joints are double-doweled, glued, and screwed.

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Standard cushions are Foam with multiple upgrade options.

Back cushions: Fiber filled with optional foam upgrade.

Thomasville Furniture

Thomasville Furniture is no longer in business.

Thomasville Furniture closed down in 2013 when parent company Heritage Home Group declared bankruptcy.

The Thomasville trademarks were purchased by Authentic Brands Group in 2018.

Authentic Brands has licensed the Thomasville Furniture brand name, but the products made and sold have no relationship with the old Thomasville Furniture.

Thos. Moser

Quality rating: 10 / Value Ranking: 10

Thos. Moser Vita Sofa – Two Place

Thos. Moser specializes in heirloom quality modern wood furniture. 

The brand’s upholstery line features exposed wood frames.

Frame, foundation and cushions vary depending on style. Some have feather down cushions and 8 way hand tied foundations.

Everything is custom crafted at the very highest quality level.

Thos. Moser upholstered furniture is functional art.


Quality rating: 7 / Value Ranking: 8

Vanguard 2 piece Bennett sectional

Bennett 2 piece sectional by Vanguard

Frames: Solid hardwood. Frame joints are double-doweled, glued, and screwed.

Foundation: 8-way hand tied seat support

Seat Cushions: Standard cushions are Foam with multiple additional options.

Back Cushions: Fiber & Down blend filled back cushions and additional options.

Note: Vanguard’s down/feather blend is 5% down/95% feathers. Most brands in this price range use a 10% down/90% feather blend. Down/feather blends are used in some upgraded seat & back cushions.

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Over the past decade, I have written over 2,000 articles, reviews, and answers, seen by over 2 million viewers.

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24 thoughts on “59 Sofa Brand Quality & Value Ratings for 2023”

  1. Hi Jeff – thanks for so much insight! Do you have any on Living Spaces sectionals? I’m looking at this one in particular: https://www.livingspaces.com/pdp-everett-reversible-sofa-chaise-275028 – well a slightly customized version of it, but so far I see the density is 1.9 and that now makes me reluctant based on your reviews; their fabrics feel fairly cheap as I’m going for a softer hand like velvet. However, I don’t want to spend more than $3K. Really $2K but I’ll say $3K to be open minded. I know the budget puts a strain on my options. Thanks again!

    • Living Spaces is the 23rd largest retailer in the U.S. with about 600 stores. They buy huge amounts of furniture from Asia, but they also buy from U.S. factories.

      The biggest problem with the sofa/chaise in the link will be the seat cushions. They will probably go flat within 3 years. 5 if you’re lucky. If you weigh 250 lbs. or more, they’ll be flat within a few months.

      The back cushions will go flat within 1 year, but its pretty simple to just shove more cheap fiber inside them when that happens.

      The back cushions are resting on almost nothing. There’s no springs and no foam supporting the back, just a thin paper-like material.

      I found a video showing how this particular sectional is constructed. They did not show the foundation at all. That’s scary. It’s an indication they are using something even cheaper than sinuous wire (which costs very little, but usually lasts 20 years.

      The entire 95″ sofa and chaise weighs 140 lbs. That probably includes the box. A mid-range quality piece that size should weigh at least 180 lbs.

      Check out my article, What is the Best Sectional Under 3K?

      Every brand listed there is a better choice, but I’m sure they are all several hundred dollars more than the Everett.

      If price is the main criteria, go to IKEA. They have pocketed coil cushions that many people report are doing fine after 10 years.
      The frames are garbage, but even garbage frames usually last 10 years.

      If you are willing to spend $200, the absolute best deal right now is the Hydeline Elm sofa and chaise. It’s discontinued in 2 of the leathers (Steel Grey and Silver Grey.) Hydeline’s Outlet has these on sale for $1997.

      Costco is selling the exact same sectional (sofa/chaise) as the Sorena under their Prospera Home brand for $3799.

      This is actually excellent quality furniture that should last you 10+ and possibly 20 years.
      The frame is solid hardwood.

      The leather is semi-aniline top grain. It’s not the cheap corrected top grain leather that is found on most leather sofas selling for less than $3000.

      But the best part is the seats. They are pocketed coils with layers of 2.25 density foam and memory foam and a topper of goose feathers and down.

      It’s actually an improved version of IKEA’s pocked coil seats, but with better foam and a topper of goose feathers and down.

      IKEA’s cheap version is lasting 10 years. Hydeline’s improved version should last even longer.

      You can read more about the pocketed coils in my article, IKEA Sofas: All the Experts Are Wrong.

      Hydeline is a Direct to Consumer manufacturer. They have great customer service. The customer service manager is Jess. If you call, she will pick up.

      You can tell her I referred you. [Note: I do not accept payment or compensation from any of the companies I write about or recommend.]

      I tried Hydeline’s furniture out last month at the International Home Furnishings show in High Point, NC.
      Extremely comfortable and solidly built.

      I strongly advise you to grab one of the discontinued Hydeline Elms before they’re all sold during the Memorial Day weekend.

  2. This article has been inspiring! I commend all your efforts both in the furniture industry and the blogging space.

    My family is getting ready to move to a new home in July, which will be our first single family house.
    This will be the first time I’m ready to financially invest into decent furniture above the “Affordable” category you have listed.
    We are currently looking for a U-shaped sectional (3-4 person config) with chaise/bumpers on either side or L-Shaped version.
    While I have no real preference aside from longevity and “performance fabric” options to help with our child’s dirty hands/spills, my wife is looking for something with a generous seat depth and a plush feeling.

    Although I’m trying to get to a level of trust of ordering a sofa that I haven’t tested before (like some of the ones you have listed here), I still would like to get some of your opinions on the following options im looking at (in no particular order or budget) before i continue shortlisting and purchasing within the next few weeks:
    Crate & Barrel’s Gather vs. Lounge…. Room & Board’s York sectional…. Inside Weather’s Bondi… Maiden Home’s Dune vs Crosby vs Jones… Mantle’s Maiden vs. Burke…Sherrill’s 2051/2052 vs …. A. Rudin No. 2735.

    Any that you wouldn’t consider (and reasons)? Is there any fabric that you would consider the best for a life with toddlers/young children?

    Lastly, for the goal of a 10+ yr longevity, should the minimum requirements be:
    > 2.0 foam densityor springdown cushions
    8 way hand tied spring system
    kiln-dried hardwood frames?

    Any help pointing me in the right direction(s) would be extremely appreciated.
    Thanks in advance and moreso thanks for everything you’ve given the masses thus far.

    Good luck on your journey to 100 brand ratings!

    • Wow! A lot of questions to answer here! You don’t list any specific budget range, but if you are looking at Sherrill and A. Rudin, I will assume you are not too constrained.

      1) Anything from Sherrill, A. Rudin or Mantle is excellent quality and should last 20+ years if you upgrade to 2.5 density foam or spring down cushions.
      Mantle’s Maiden is more expensive than Burke because it is modular and has more material, but both have the same basic construction and quality.

      Ask for a high performance fabric. These are very durable and easy to clean. There are many different high performance brands.

      Some of the best known are: Crypton, Sunbrella, Revolution, Inside Out, Bella-Dura. There are several other brands as well.
      Every company selling upholstery currently carries at least one or two high performance fabric lines.

      2) The Crate & Barrel Gather sectional is reviewed in my article, Is the Crate & Barrel Gather Sectional Good Quality?

      I reviewed the C&B Lounge Sectional in an earlier comment to another reader. Here is a segment of that respnse:

      Crate and Barrel’s 93″ Lounge Deep sofa is a good value at $2000. If you need an extra-deep (46″ depth) sofa, there will not be very many alternatives.

      The biggest weakness is the Flexolator foundation. This is the cheapest and least durable foundation available. It is made with numerous small coil springs that attach the central platform to the frame. If you jump on the furniture or a large person sits down heavily, one or more of these small coil springs can become dislodged.

      Usually, Flexolator foundations are found in sofas selling for under $1000. The main advantage of the Flexolator foundation over the far more common sinuous wire foundation is to provide a flatter seat support. It reduces the box size that the furniture can fit into.

      In some cases, especially during the Pandemic when shipping prices soared by 400%, the cost savings could be significant, but shipping costs have now returned to pre-Pandemic levels.

      It is possible that Crate and Barrel has replaced the Flexolator foundation with sinuous wire, but not updated their website description. If that is the case your salesperson may or may not be aware of the change.

      The C&B Deep Lounge sofa has 1.8 density foam cushions. The description says they are “soy-based” polyfoam, but that is standard construction. Most foam cushions are now made with 20% “soy-based” materials.

      1.8 density foam, when used in a small cushion (such as a normal 3 seat sofa) has an average 3 – 5 year lifespan. The weight of the sitters and the amount of time spent on the sofa affect the actual lifespan. A 300 lb. individual can flatten a small 1.8 density foam cushion in less than 1 year.

      In this case, the model you are looking at has cushions with a larger than normal surface area. That increases the lifespan. If the foam cores are at least 5.5 inches thick (the core thickness is not specified) you should get 5 – 10 years use from the cushion, assuming average use.

      If the cushion does wear out prematurely, you should consider replacing the cores with 2.5 density foam.

      3) Check out my article, Can you Recommend a Durable & Comfortable Sectional in New York City? for reviews on York, Gather, Lounge, Interior Define, Joybird.

      The article also includes a review of Hydeline and Costco’s Prospera Home brand, which are both made by the same manufacturer.

      If you are considering leather, right now there are some tremendous bargains in leather sectionals in Hydeline’s Premium Outlet section. I think the discontinued sale prices may be even lower right now than when I wrote the review, and there are additional sectionals on sale.

      If you are considering anything in leather, don’t wait too long. These discontinued Hydeline bargains may be gone by the end of the Memorial Day weekend (or sooner.)

      4) Maiden Home is generally very good quality, but they buy from several different manufacturers so quality is not the same across the board.

      I don’t have time right now to look specifically into the three models you have listed and I haven’t reviewed them previously.

      Anything from Maiden Home will probably last 10+ years without any problems.

      5) Fabric for kids and toddlers – Leather or high performance fabrics would be best. Microfibers are sturdy, stain resistant and cheap, but not as good as the new high performance fabrics. Avoid cotton, linen, rayon.

      High performance or microfiber velvets can be durable and stain resistant, but they can also act like magnets for dust and pet fur.

      New high performance brands are appearing every few months. If you read any articles about these fabrics, you may come across discussions about whether fabrics made using PFAS chemicals are safe.

      (PFAS) are a group of chemicals used to make fluoropolymer coatings and products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease, and water.

      Over the past year, all major high performance brands have eliminated PFAS chemicals from their fabrics.

      6) 2.0 density foam is not sufficient to guarantee a 10+ year longevity. Try for 2.5 density foam or Spring Down cushion construction.

      Foam durability is based on a combination of factors: Density, foam thickness, size of cushion, and the size of the people sitting on the furniture.

      For example, a 250 lb. person could wear out the foam in a 2.0 density sofa seat cushion within 3 years or less.
      Kids jumping on the furniture can also wear out foam more quickly.

      Cushions with coil spring construction usually show little or no wear from above average size adults or jumping kids.

      7) 8 way hand tied springs are the most comfortable type of foundation and usually last 20+ years.

      Sinuous wire foundations are hundreds of dollars cheaper and don’t add any comfort, but will also usually last 20+ years.

      Pirelli webbing can be good or bad. Avoid the stretchable webbing found in less expensive seating (most sofas under $2000) but the non-stretchable webbing used in high end modern styles is extremely good and should last for 20+ years.

      Avoid Flexolator foundations. Jumping kids can shake loose the small springs that hold the Flexolator’s steel frame to the wood sides, causing sagging and other problems.

      Flexolators are usually found in cheaper seating, but I have also seen them used in some Crate & Barrel models.

      8) Frames: 20 years ago, all high end seating was made with 5/4″ solid hardwood lumber. Now, the vast majority of high end manufacturers build frames with 4/4″ hardwood lumber or 7/8″ plywood with at least 7 plies (or 1″ plywood with 5 plies.)

      The difference is the old 5/4″ hardwood frames lasted for 50+ years. The new 4/4″ and plywoods last for only 20+ year, but cost hundreds of dollars less per sofa.

      Cheaper frames may be made with OSB (Oriented Strand Board), Softwood plywood, 3/4″ hardwood plywood, chipcore, particleboard, or other engineered woods.

      These cheaper frames will still last 10+ years for most people, although I would avoid their use for anyone weighing 250 lbs. or more, or with families of jumping kids.

      Amazingly, these cheaper frames can be found in $600 IKEA sofas and $3000 Natuzzi leather sofas.

      In summary: 4/4″ Kiln-dried solid hardwood and 7/8″ 7 ply hardwood plywood frames will both last 20+ years and both are OK.

      I think I’ve covered all of your questions.

      • Good morning Jeff. Thanks so so so so so much for that detailed response…

        Quick update. As expected, I’ve lost a battle with my wife with regards to ordering a couch without having physically tried it out first. Also, with limited time to take advantage of MDW deals, she has a need to feel the upholstery to make sure it isnt too “rough” for her.

        As such, we’ve been honing in on the Crate&Barrell Gather (deep version with bench seating rather than 2 cushions aside from chaise).. either in U shape with standard with chaise or L shape with double wide chaise on one side to allow for a separate single seating component in the living room to compliment.

        Either way, my questions to you are the following:

        1) Performance Fabrics – I’ve been guided by the salesperson to choose their Douglas (100% polyester) fabric for High Performance that fits the “soft” bill for my wife. Out of the options presented, I did not see Crypton, Revolution, Sunbrella. On their website’s search tool, Revolution only seems to come up for outdoor furniture. In your opinion, will Douglas provide comparable quality as your recommendations? Or is there another option for me? Should I be looking for other particular features before pulling the trigger on the Douglas brand?

        2) Knowing that the Gather (deep) in the bench and wide chaise format with high performance fabric is the configuration we’ll likely settle on.. are there any other similarly priced options (3,500-4,000) with showrooms that you would recommend before we pull the trigger?

        3) Any final warnings I should heed before purchase?

      • Andres,
        1) I know of Douglas, but am not familiar with their fabrics. They may their own line of high performance fabrics.In general, 100% polyester fabrics are durable and easy to clean.
        2) There aren’t that many deep seating options available at that price, especially if you need to try it out in a store. Once you get to the custom brands that can make anything you want, there are more options available, but the price will be several thousand dollars more.
        3) Good luck!


  3. Your scope of expertise is really impressive; thank you for all of the info. Do you have any thoughts on Apt2B sofas with chaises? I love their styles and fabric selection and they seem to get good reviews, but I would love an expert opinion. Thank you.

    • Apt2B is a retailer. They do not identify the manufacturer and do not give specific information about type of wood, foam density, type of foundation, etc.

      Usually this indicates 1.8 density foam and a sinuous wire foundation. The frame says solid wood, but most frames in this style will last 15+ years, regardless of whether it is solid wood, plywood, or engineered wood.
      The sinuous wire frame doesn’t add any comfort but should last 15+ years.

      The limitation on the lifespan of Apt2B sectionals is usually the 1.8 density foam cushions. Typically, they wear out, losing their firmness and comfort, within 5 years.

      If someone in the family weighs 250 lbs. or more, or if you have kids who like to jump on the furniture, the cushions may wear out in half that time.

      Prices are on the high side for this type of seating. For example, the Catalina sofa with chaise is 81″ wide and sells for $3078 when it isn’t on sale.

      Compare that with the Mantle Burke sofa with chaise.
      It’s 100″ wide and sells for $3590 at regular price.

      Here’s what you get for the extra $500:

        8 way hand tied foundation – the most comfortable type of foundation made and will last 20+ years.

        Standard 2.0 density Qualux foam cushions with an average lifespan of 8 – 10 years.
        I strongly advise spending a little more and getting an upgrade to the 2.5 density foam or Spring Down cushions. These will give you 15 – 20+ years of comfortable seating.

      If Mantle is over your budget, check out Costco’s Kyler sectional with chaise. The cushions are 2.2 density foam, which should last a few years longer than those on the Apt2B.

      Another big benefit of Costco is their 100% Total Satisfaction guarantee.
      They are the only store that will still take back furniture, with no questions asked, no matter how long you have owned it.

      IKEA has several lower priced options, including the Finnala, which is available in multiple sizes.

      What makes IKEA sectionals attractive are their pocketed coil seat cushions, which should retain their firmness and comfort for 10+ years about double the Apt2B cushions.

      IKEA’s frames are very poor quality, but should still hold up for at least 10 years. (The frames are backed by a 10 year warranty in case they give out before the 10 year mark.)

      Apt2B reviews appear to be very good, but the vast majority are on the retailer’s website (where negative reviews can be edited or deleted) or sponsored pages where the reviewer gets paid for referring customers.

      Also, out of the hundreds of reviews, I did not see any from people who have owned the furniture for more than two years.
      Reviews from people who recently received their furniture are overwhelmingly positive, regardless of brand.

  4. I would appreciate your thoughts and opinion of Best Home Furnishings. They started with the chairs but now have sofas as well. Thanks.

  5. What a great resource- thanks for all your work on this! Any thoughts on Sabai? It seems to be one of the only brands in its price range that offers lots of replacement parts, but I can’t find much info on the brand.

    • [Follow-up comment about Sabai]

      Most of my comment below is negative. When I look at how the furniture is made, I see a lot of potential problems that might occur 5 years down the road.

      But, after doing some additional research, there are several good points that should be considered.

      Sabai is only 3 years old. I found only one review from someone who had owned their Sabai furniture for 2 years.

      But there were dozens of other reviews from people who had owned the furniture for a year or less.

      In all of these reviews, there wasn’t a single one that had anything seriously negative to say about the company or the furniture.

      That’s unusual! I read thousands of reviews each year. It’s rare to come across an “affordable” furniture brand with such unanimously positive reviews.

      Sabai’s owners appear to be genuinely concerned about both the environment and making furniture that their customers will love over an extended time period.

      I hope the company succeeds.

      Sabai is a small company. The owners have designed a single basic Ready to Assemble sofa/sectional design and market it by emphasizing “sustainability,” “non-toxic,” “ethically-run,” and “earth friendly.”

      Unfortunately those are marketing terms, which do not necessarily indicate anything new and different, or even anything good about the construction of the furniture.

      It does not assure either comfort or durability.

      Regarding durability, Sabai’s FAQ section states that, “We test our sofas more for long-term use and they all go through BIFMA 5.4 tests that include putting 240 lbs. per seat.”

      240 lbs. per seat is a minimal weight limit for sofas. Sturdy sofas are built to withstand at least 350 lbs. per seat.

      This is an indication that the frames are built using cheap “engineered wood products” such as chip core, fiberboard or LVL (laminated veneer lumber.)

      Because these engineered wood products use wood “waste” that is compressed together, they are considered “environmentally friendly,” but they are not nearly as sturdy as solid hardwood or multi-layer hardwood plywood.

      Actually, unless the sofa is used by someone weighing 250 lbs. or more, or if you have kids who like to jump on the furniture, the frame will probably far outlast the foam cushions.

      There is no density listed for the cushion foam. That is normally an indication that the foam density is 1.8 (or less.)

      The average lifespan for 1.8 density foam cushions is 3 – 5 years.

      Sabai points out that its “sustainable” design allows you to replace cushion covers or inserts if they wear out. (Cushion inserts are currently $72 per seat.)

      The problem with this is that cheap foam cushions don’t suddenly wear out and need replacement 3 or 5 years later. They gradually lose their comfort and ability to bounce back.

      After 1 year, the seat cushions will be noticeably softer and less comfortable, but not quite bad enough to replace. They will gradually get worse and worse, until 3, 4, or 5 years down the road, you will decide it’s finally time to replace the cushion inserts (or the entire sofa.)

      If you weigh 250 lbs. the 1.8 density cushion foam will be completely worn out and need replacement within 1 year.

      Also, the cushions do not appear to have much dacron polyester fiber wrapped around the foam. Without this fiber, the fabric does not fit evenly and you get wrinkles.

      All sofas eventually get wrinkles as they are used, but Sabai’s videos show unusually wrinkled cushions for a brand new sofa. After a few years, the cushions will probably appear extremely wrinkled and worn out.

      Another factor that affects comfort is that Sabai seating has no springs. The foundation is a flat, fabric-covered piece of engineered wood.

      As the foam wears down, that hard wood platform will become increasingly uncomfortable. It will also break down the foam more quickly.

      Another concern I have with Sabai is that in May 2022, they changed their assembly from “No tools needed” to “Assembly requires mini ratchet wrench.”

      This is an indication there were some problems with the original assembly method. Probably the connections loosened up over a short period of time or could not be tightened sufficiently.

  6. Hello,
    I’m interested in a few sectionals from Arhaus, Pottery Barn, and Crate and Barrel. I’d like to get a better quality piece, such as Lee, Maiden Home, or Medley, but I really need to try it out since I have a bad back, which is why I’m leaning towards one of the stores above. It looks like Arhaus is pretty good quality and you mentioned that they use sinuous spring foundations, but the Dune line seems to use a Flexolator. Would you avoid that one or do you think it would still hold up and be fairly comfortable? Thanks!

    • If you need to try out the furniture before buying, you will have to cross Maiden Home and Medley off your list. They are both Direct to Consumer lines and do not have showrooms or sell through retailers. (It’s also one reason why they are such good values.)

      The Arhaus Dune is good quality other than the Flexolator. But if you are gentle with the sectional, you should be OK.

      “Being gentle” means you can’t let kids jump on the furniture. If you need to move the sectional, disconnect the pieces first and pick them up (don’t slide) to move them.

      I also would not recommend the Arhaus Dune (or any piece using a Flexolator) for anyone weighing 250 lbs. or more.

      If the cushions start feeling “lumpy” or a dip develops in one of the cushions, that is a sign that one or more of the small helical springs has fallen off.

      If that happens, have the sofa repaired immediately. Otherwise, more of the springs will fall off. It is a simple and inexpensive repair.

      Flexolators are used in seating with a styling that requires an inexpensive flat foundation. The only alternative cheap flat foundation is webbing. Cheap stretchable webbing has more problems than flexolators.

      (Expensive non-stretchable webbing lasts 20+ years, but costs far more and requires a skilled (and strong) worker for proper installation.)

      The reason I don’t like Flexolators is that they are attached to the frame using about two dozen or more small helical springs. It is not unusual for one of those small springs to work itself loose over time. Once one spring is off, more springs may soon loosen up.

      Sinuous wire foundations don’t cost much more and rarely have problems over the lifespan of the furniture.

      Jeff Frank

      • Thank you so much for the detailed response. I’ll try the Arhaus Dune in person to see if it’s comfortable. We had ordered a Crate and Barrel Axis that was very uncomfortable for me, but I don’t know if it was because of the cushions or if I should avoid all sofas with a Flexolator. If you don’t mind me asking one more question, does the Flexolator affect comfort as well or primarily the durability? Thanks again!

      • Flexolators do not add any comfort to the sofa. The angle between the seat and back is more extreme. With a sinuous wire foundation, the springs flex (in a concave curve.)

        When you’re sitting, the middle of the cushion is higher than the back and there is a gentle sloping towards the back. This softens the angle between the seat and back cushions compared with the Flexolator’s cushion angle.

        The variation in comfort is slight. Most people probably would not notice any difference.

        The primary advantage of sinuous wire is that it’s cheap, easy to install by low-skilled workers, and rarely fails for the lifetime of the sofa.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise! It really helps to narrow down such a huge industry with the quality/value matrix. I feeling much more empowered to make an informed decision after working this and other articles.

    Much appreciated!

  8. This is extremely helpful, thank you so much! I really like Maiden Home as well as Medley, and I had not come across those websites until now.

    • There are about 15 – 20 furniture brands that are constantly reviewed and recommended.

      Those are the brands that pay Google for advertising or have trade programs that pay reviewers and influencers to send them customers.

      I do not accept payment from any brand mentioned in my Insiders Guide to Furniture blog.

      Any ads that appear on this website originate from Ezoic, an automated Google advertising platform.

      I have no contact at all with any of the companies placing these ads.

    • Raymour & Flanigan is a retailer. They buy from many different brands at different quality levels.
      Some of their furniture is sold under the Raymour & Flanigan brand name. Those are usually Asian imports.

      From a customer service perspective, they seem to be average.

    • Jessica Charles is one of the Rock Island family of top quality furniture manufacturers. Other Rock Island brands include Century Furniture, Hancock & Moore, Hickory Furniture, Highland House, Maitland Smith and Pearson Furniture.

      If you are interested in Jessica Charles chairs, you may want to look at the Rock Island Factory Outlet
      The outlet center has some great prices on Jessica Charles chairs.


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