What is the Difference Between Engineered Wood, Manufactured Wood, MDF, Rubber Wood and Real solid Wood?

Question: What is the difference between Engineered wood, Manufactured wood, MDF, Rubber wood and real solid wood?   Diane Jan. 16, 2021  Answer: The three primary wood categories are: Solid wood Plywood Engineered Wood Solid wood has two main categories: Hardwood There is a wide range of hardness among different species. Some woods, such as hickory … Read more

Who Makes the Best Quality Couches? Flexsteel vs. Biltwell vs. Massoud

best quality couches

In my opinion, Massoud is the best of these three furniture brands overall. But the other two brands have advantages that may be more important to you personally.

Do High Quality Sofas, Sleepers & Sectionals Still Exist?

leather sofa

Small custom upholstery shops still continue the tradition of top quality upholstered furniture craftsmanship. Thousands of small custom sofa makers are spread throughout the USA. Many of these small custom upholstery shops do not advertise or have online websites. They sell primarily through interior designers. Experienced interior designers often have special relationships with skilled local … Read more

Natuzzi & Palliser: High Quality Leather Sofas at an affordable price???

Natuzzi leather sofa

Natuzzi highlights its beautiful, plush leather. The leather is excellent. It should last 20 years and more. Unfortunately, the frame can fail long before that.

What is the Comparable Quality of Craftmaster, Norwalk, Klaussner and Jonathan Louis? 

Question: What is the comparable quality of Craftmaster, Norwalk, Klaussner and Jonathan Louis?  Oct. 18, 2020 Answer: Of these 4 brands I would rank them (from highest to lowest quality): 1) Norwalk (Lower end of high quality furniture) 2) Jonathan Louis (Slightly above most mid-range furniture) 3) Craftmaster (Slightly above most mid-range furniture) 4) Klaussner … Read more

Is Particle board a good material for furniture?

Particle board, also called chipboard or low density fiberboard (LDF) is typically the least expensive material that can be used for manufacturing furniture. It has a lower cost than other types of engineered woods or plywood. Particle board’s low cost is achieved by using all lumber waste products, including wood chips, shavings, sawdust and other … Read more

What are some small affordable L-shaped desks?

You can find cheap L-shaped desks at IKEA or virtually any online furniture retailer. These are made primarily with engineered woods such as fiberboard or particleboard with a high (or low) pressure plastic laminated top. Sometimes the tops are wood veneers. For better quality desks at affordable prices, check out used office furniture outlets. There … Read more