Are Sofa Legs Removable?

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Are sofa legs removable?

Feb. 8, 2021


Most low and mid-priced sofas have removable (screw in) legs. Exceptions include:

  • Sleepers. (The front base panel needs to come down lower to hide the mechanisms. This requires smaller built-in legs that can withstand the extra weight of the sleeper mechanism.
  • Plinth style sofas. (A plinth is a recessed rectangular base supporting the sofa. This is also known as a floating plinth base.)
  • Reclining furniture. Most (but not all) reclining furniture has a steel base that does not require legs.

Higher priced (heavy) sofas often have built-in (non-removable) legs. Non-removable legs are generally found in:

  • Traditional classic styles (designed before screw legs were invented.)
  • Higher leg styles.
  • Heavier weight and extra-large sofas. Built-in legs can be reinforced to support more weight than most screw in legs.

Advantages of removable legs include:

  • Fits through narrow doors and stairways.
  • Easier to repair in case of damage.
  • Multiple styles and sizes.
    • Removable legs can be found in hundreds of different plastic, wood and metal variations.
    • Screw-in legs can be found in many different heights.
      • In general, the higher the leg, the greater the risk that the leg will break.
      • It is unusual to find removable legs that are higher than 6 inches.
    • Screw-in legs designed for European style furniture often use metric sizes.

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