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Are There American-Made Platform Beds?

By Jeff Frank


Hey, was wondering if you heard anything about a company named Mim Concept: https://mimconcept.com. Really wondering whether there are any U.S. companies that make similar furniture.

Is there something essential I should look for in a platform bed to make a perfect choice? I’ve been looking at smaller shops instead of Rove and Article, and they caught my eye.


May 6, 2020


I am not familiar with Mim Concept, but there are many wood furniture companies in Vietnam that produce furniture with excellent craftsmanship.

If you are looking for small custom American furniture companies that can make similar products, this is the type of furniture that small Vermont custom shops seem to specialize in.

Here are a few you can check out:

Copeland Furniture

Vermont Wood Studios

Vermont Furniture Designs

Lyndon Furniture

Thor’s Elegance

Pompanoosuc Mills

Hawkridge Furniture

Built by Newport

Thos. Moser (This is a very well-known high end Maine mfg. with several showrooms throughout the U.S.)

Vermont Woodworks ( several different smaller shops are represented here.)

John Lomas Custom Furniture

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