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Are There Sofas with Entirely Removable Covers?

By Jeff Frank


I want to buy a sofa, but we have a challenging situation. I have a special needs child who throws up a lot. In addition, we have several other children. This means any sofa we buy needs to have removable covers that can be washed in a home machine. Ideally, I’d be able to put the covers in a dryer without damage too. So I have two questions:

  1. Can you recommend which fabrics are our best bets for washability?
  2. Do I need to purchase a separate slipcover, or does a normal sofa come with entirely removable covers?

July 20, 2020


This is the exact problem encountered by health care facilities and hospitals. They require seating that can be thoroughly disinfected, both inside and outside.

You will need to find a manufacturer who makes seating for healthcare facilities.

Theoretically you can also use a slipcovered sofa with a “stain-proof” high performance fabric such as Crypton, Bella-Dura or Sunbrella.

The potential problem with slipcovered sofas is that most slipcovers fit over thin muslin fabric coverings on the base sofa. The muslin is flimsy, can easily get dirty and is difficult to clean.

More importantly, it will allow vomit and other materials to get inside the sofa where it will be difficult or impossible to clean.

Ideally, you would need a slipcovered sofa in which both the base sofa and the slipcover are made with water-impermeable fabrics that can be disinfected. In addition, the sofa will need to be designed so that the inside can be cleaned.

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