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Does the Ashley Warnerton Have Bonded Leather or Polyester Polyurethane?

By Jeff Frank


Is the Ashley furniture Warnerton collection considered bonded leather or polyester polyurethane?

August 5, 2020


The Ashley Warnerton fabric is a faux leather made from a composite of polyester and polyurethane.

After over 100,000 complaints from bonded leather customers over the past decade, several major retailers and manufacturers are finally switching to a new polyester/polyurethane composite faux leather material.

The new polyester/polyurethane composite aux leathers look and feel similar to bonded leather, but without bonded leather’s horrendous susceptibility to peeling.

Many of the polyester/polyurethane synthetics are less expensive than both bonded leather, and the top rated 100% polyurethane faux leathers.

The fiber content in the Ashley Warnerton faux leather collection is 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane.

Some cheaper composite faux leathers are made with up to 98% polyester.

Typically, the more polyester and less polyurethane used, the lower the cost of the faux leather fabric.

Usually, composite faux leathers with higher polyurethane content and lower polyester content will be closer to the look and feel of real leather.

How durable are the new polyester & polyurethane faux leathers?

These new composite synthetic leather fabrics haven’t been around long enough to evaluate their long-term durability and comfort.

But it is difficult to imagine that they won’t be a major improvement compared with the bonded leathers.

Bonded leather has accomplished one important step forward since its introduction to the furniture industry in 2010.

Prior to that time, 100% synthetic leather sofas and recliners were shunned by the general public.

100% synthetic leathers accounted for only a tiny percentage of sofa and recliner sales prior to 2010.

That has changed.

100% synthetic leathers are now fully accepted as a low-cost leather substitute for upholstered seating.

Office seating has been slower to transition from bonded leather to 100% synthetic leathers.

Most low-cost office seating is still made with bonded leather.

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