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Do You Know Anything About Bernhardt Addison Sofa Brand?

By Jeff Frank


I am considering a Bernhardt Addison sofa which has spring down cushions. I don’t have any specs on the density of the cushion. Also, I read that they use multi-ply engineered hardwood to construct the frame; is that bad? Do you know anything about this brand?


August 21, 2020


Bernhardt is a large company with factories worldwide, including 8 in the U.S. Most of their upholstered furniture comes from their U.S. factories using imported component parts.

In general Bernhardt’s upholstery is above average for the furniture industry. They are particularly known for modern styling and their ability to customize.

The Addison sofa is part of their “expedited delivery” program which offers fewer customization options. This is a very basic sofa. The foundation is sinuous wire, which is one of the cheapest types of foundations, but should last for 20+ years for most people.

Multi-ply hardwood frames are standard for large upholstery manufacturers.

  • When producing large quantities of frames, computerized routing machines can save significant costs by using plywood instead of solid wood.
  • A good plywood frame that is at least 7/8″ thick should last for 10 – 20 years without any problems with average use.

Spring down cushions are usually better (more comfortable and more long lasting) than foam cushions at this price level. Foam density is never specified for spring down cushions for two reasons:

  • The only foam in the seat cushion is a border that goes around the outside of the cushion. This amounts to about 1/3 the total weight of the cushion. The fabric covered coil springs are nested inside of this foam border. A fabric jacket filled with feathers and down goes above and below the coil springs.
  • The vast majority of spring down cushions use 1.8 density foam for the border. Since most of the sitter’s weight will be on the coil springs, higher density foams have a limited added benefit.

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