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Where is the best place to buy trendy, good quality furniture/modular, Wayfair, IKEA, pottery barn, etc.?

By Jeff Frank

There are a couple of different definitions of “modular furniture.”

  • Modular wood furniture typically refers to furniture that is purchased unassembled.
    • Modular groupings may consist of several pieces that can be part of a larger collection.
    • A single wooden (or imitation wood) piece that requires assembly may also be termed “modular.”
  • Modular upholstered furniture usually refers to sectional groupings that consist of two or more separate seating pieces that need to be joined together.
    • Usually, the individual seating pieces do not need to be assembled (except for removable backs for reclining furniture.)

    There are a few different furniture categories that feature modular pieces more than others. These include:

    • Wall units
    • Home office
    • Children’s Bedroom
    • Kitchen cabinets
    • Upholstered residential seating (where more than three seats are required.)

    IKEA sells low cost modular furniture in all of these categories. The pieces require assembly. The quality is commensurate with the cost, but the style is “trendy” enough that it can be enjoyed for a few years before being discarded.

    Pottery Barn sells higher priced (higher quality) modular wood furniture and upholstered sectionals.
    Wayfair offers furniture from thousands of different suppliers at all price points and quality levels. A significant percentage of this furniture is modular, but the majority is not.

    Modular furniture is almost always designed to be mass produced in huge quantities and packed in flat boxes to reduce manufacturing and shipping costs.

    • The only exception is Simplicity Sofas.
      • This North Carolina upholstery manufacturer specializes in custom built, modular seating.
      • The company’s high end modular furniture is hand-crafted, one piece at a time.
      • Simplicity Sofas uses 25 different interchangeable, replaceable component parts (arms, backs, bases, legs, cushions) to create hundreds of different sofas, sleepers and sectionals.
      • Additional details about this unique approach to modular furniture can be found in a blog article Why aren’t sofas repairable, replaceable & recyclable?

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