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Which sofa is the Best, Bonded or Leather Match?

By Jeff Frank


Your straight forward analysis and critique of bonded and leather match materials will save me future disappointment. But to resist purchasing the pretty sofa I found, made of leather match, breaks my heart. Oh well, there’s lots of handsome ones made of PU and vinyl too. Thank you.


July 16, 2020


I strongly recommend avoiding all bonded leather, but that is not necessarily the case for leather match.

Although there are potential long-term problems for leather match, the majority of purchasers do not have any complaints about their leather match furniture.

Leather match does use the lowest cost leathers available and embosses the hide with an artificial grain pattern, but it is real top grain leather and will have the long term durability of the real leather hides it is made from.

The added protective coating may make the leather feel stiffer (and reduce the “real leather” smell), but it does give the leather more protection against stains and other common hazards than more expensive leathers.

Leather match can give a significant cost savings compared with a sofa made completely with higher grade leathers. If you see a leather match sofa you really like, the leather match by itself should not disqualify the sofa from consideration.

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