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What is the Quality of Broyhill Sectional Sofas?

By Jeff Frank


 I recently purchased a Broyhill sectional with 1.8 high density gel foam cushions and a Chenell fabric. Is this considered medium quality?

Judith L.

Dec. 18, 2020


For most of the past 60 years Broyhill upholstered furniture could be considered upper medium quality.

Broyhill Furniture went into bankruptcy in 2018.

The Broyhill trademark was purchased by Big Lots early in 2019. Since that time Big Lots has sold generic imported furniture under the Broyhill name.

I assume your description of “Chenell” refers to a “chenille” fabric.

  • This is a description given to many soft textured inexpensive polyester fabrics.
  • Although inexpensive, these fabrics may be very durable and stain resistant.

1.8 density foam cushions typically have an expected lifespan of 3 – 5 years with average use.

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