When buying new living room furniture, what should someone with kids keep in mind? Are there certain materials that are easier to keep clean?

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A common assumption is that “anything you buy inexpensively is not going to hold up to the wear & tear of children over time.”

Most microfiber fabrics are extremely durable, extremely stain-resistant and extremely cheap.

How cheap is cheap?

  • There are hundreds (or thousands) of microfiber fabrics available to bulk purchasers in the $4 – $6 per yard price range. Some are even less.

Over the past 50 years, Microfibers have accounted for a major proportion of all fabrics sold with low and medium quality upholstered furniture. They have begun to diminish in popularity only in the past decade. Microfibers’ role as the go-to fabric for durability and stain resistance is being rapidly overtaken by High Performance fabrics.

High performance fabrics come in all price ranges.

  • CryptonSunbrella and Bella-Dura are at the high end with wholesale pricing generally ranging from $20 – $50 per yard.
  • Revolution and LiveSmart are high performance fabrics that are considerably less expensive, competing in price with the microfibers.

Almost all microfiber fabrics are imported.

Many of the high performance fabrics are Made in the USA.

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