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Can a Foam Mattress Topper Be Used Without a Mattress?

By Jeff Frank


Can sleeping on a foam mattress topper that’s on the floor be unhealthy?


A foam mattress topper is not the same as a mattress.

Sleeping on a mattress topper, placed on a hard floor, will not be comfortable for most people who currently sleep on mattresses.

On the other hand, it is a superior sleep surface than what is available to many people worldwide.

New York Magazine published a recent article, The Very Best Mattress Toppers 2022.

Most people purchase mattress toppers when they are unhappy with the way their mattress feels.

Toppers can make soft mattresses feel firmer or firm mattresses feel softer.

Buying a mattress topper is an inexpensive way of fixing an uncomfortable mattress without going through the entire process of purchasing a new mattress.

Some people purchase mattress toppers to improve old beds that have lost their resiliency (ability to bounce back) over time.

Toppers can also help couples who have different sleep preferences.

Half the bed can be firm. The other half can be soft.

Whatever your reasons for buying a mattress topper, you’ll want one that offers the exact feel you’re seeking — whether that’s firm and supportive or soft and plush.

Photo shown above is courtesy of Tempur-pedic.

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