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Can Any Size Mattress Fit on a Queen Size Frame?

By Jeff Frank


Can any size mattress fit on a queen size frame?

August 12, 2020


Steel bed frames are not designed to hold a mattress by itself.

  • There must be a rigid foundation or box spring that fits onto the frame.
  • The mattress rests on the foundation.

Bed frames are available in three sizes:

  • Twin/full size.
    • These frames are usually adjustable so that they can work for either a twin or full size mattress and foundation (or box spring.)
    • Typically, this size frame will not have a center bar for added support.
    • This frame cannot be used for Queen or King-size mattresses.
  • Queen-size.
    • These frames should have a center support bar running from the head to the foot of the bed.
    • Queen-size frames that do not have the center support (or if the center support is left off during assembly) are at risk of failure.
    • Queen size frames cannot be used for king size mattresses.
    • Theoretically they can be used to support twin or full size mattresses and foundations but the exposed metal frame parts can be dangerous. It is highly recommended not to use a queen size frame with a smaller mattress.
    • A few frame models are adjustable between full and queen-size. These will have a center support that is not used when the frame is supporting a full size mattress.
  • King-size.
    • King-size frames are designed to hold two foundations underneath the king size mattress.
    • It is extremely unusual to see a single foundation used for a king-size mattress.
      • There are too many doorways and stairs that are not wide enough to fit a single king-size foundation.
      • The King-size mattress will fit more easily through a tight entranceway due to its ability to bend or fold.
    • King size frames cannot be used with twin, full or queen size mattresses and foundations.

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