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Does LaZboy Produce Chairs That Will Last for 15 Years if Not Abused?

By Jeff Frank


I don’t really want electronic motion. I like my lazy-boy handle/manual. We’ve had chairs for 20 years. Does the company still produce a chair that will last 15 years if not abused? (we have no kids!)


Sept. 30, 2020


Manual mechanisms are generally more durable and will last longer than the fancy electronic power models with multiple motors.

LaZBoy, like all of its mid-range competitors, has reduced its overall quality compared with 15 years ago, to meet competitive pressures. Fortunately for you, reclining chairs are far more durable than larger reclining pieces such as sofas and sectionals.

The manual mechanism is not the part that wears out first on most modern reclining furniture. The seat cushion wears out first.

  • Most mid-priced reclining furniture is currently made with non-removable seat cushions. When the 1.8 density foam padding wears out (after 3 – 5 years) the chair is less comfortable and replacement of the padding is expensive.
  • Higher priced reclining furniture brands have removable seat cushions. The cores in these cushions can be replaced at a reasonable cost when they wear out. Replacing the cushion core with a 2.5 density foam or a spring down construction will enable the furniture to last an additional 10 years or more.

Over the past year or two, a new type of hybrid (also known as high leg) style has started to appear in mid-range reclining furniture lines.

  • These high leg recliners look more like normal (non-reclining) seating and have removable seat cushions.
  • Most of the larger manufacturers now have at least a few of these high leg models with removable cushions.
  • They usually cost several hundred dollars more than the models with non-removable seats. LaZBoy probably carries at least a few of these high leg models.

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