Can You Compare Bernhardt Leather with Bradington Young and Motion Craft?

By Jeff Frank


How does Bernhardt leather motion furniture rank with the Bradington young and motion craft?

August 26, 2020


Bernhardt is not a motion furniture specialist like MotionCraft and Bradington Young.

They do buy mechanisms from the same supplier, but have far fewer options and far less expertise in the special problems that pop up when manufacturing reclining furniture.

Just to give you an idea of what I am referring to with “special problems”, here is one example:

  • Mechanisms have a tendency to “bend” or become misaligned over time. Usually this is not very much, but it can be enough to cause squeaks or rubbing between the mechanism and the frame.
  • Large mass producers ignore this. The problem is considered “minor” and rarely is noticed during the first few years (by which time the cushions will have worn out.)
  • Companies that specialize in high end reclining furniture, such as Bradington Young and MotionCraft, are aware of this potential long term problem and routinely hand sand the frame parts that may be affected so that the mechanisms will be able to move freely.
  • Because Bernhardt is not a motion furniture specialist and would not normally need to do this for its non-reclining sofas, they probably don’t do it for the reclining furniture either.

A Bernhard reclining sofa probably would not be a “bad” piece of furniture (assuming you find a style with removable seat cushions) but it would be very basic and would rank below the standards of BY and MotionCraft.

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