Coolest furniture ever!
An amazing combination of antique craftsmanship, art and magic… David Roentgens’ Berlin Secretary Cabinet!
To truly appreciate this piece you need to see the 2 minute video.

Abraham Roentgen’s Writing Desk

Abraham and David Roentgen built amazing pieces for European royalty during the 18th century.

Their furniture featured amazing hidden storage and mechanisms
Rolltop Desk by David Roentgen: Demonstration

In 2012 the Metropolitan Museum of Art discovered a particular type of Roentgen table with removable legs for easier transport.

That table is now considered the earliest form of flatpack (Ready to Assemble) furniture.
Conventional wisdom is that RTA furniture was invented by Gillis Lundgren in 1951 for IKEA.

Now its origins have been traced back 200 years earlier by David Roentgen.

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