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Does Costco Actually Carry Good Quality Furniture?

By Jeff Frank


Thank you so much for your previous help.

Can you please review the Brower reclining sectional from Costco. Generally, Costco has a reputation of carrying good quality furniture.

How does this compare with the Rooms To Go Summit Brown sectional you didn’t recommend. Thanks,


May 18, 2020


Inside, the Costco sectional is probably similar to the Rooms to Go. It does have a separate motor for the headrest, which may improve comfort.

My main concern is the fabric. This is one of the new polyester blend faux leathers that big retailers have been using to replace bonded leather. They have been around for less than two years and there is no way to know how it will hold up long term.

The good news is that Costco is a much better retailer to deal with if you have a problem than RTG.

FYI – The Costco fabric is less expensive than leather-match. If this same reclining sectional was made in leather match, it would probably cost about $400 more.

Also, Costco’s profit margin is far lower than RTG. If you saw this same sectional at RTG in a leather match, it would probably be priced around $3200.

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