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How much does a couch reupholstery cost?

By Jeff Frank

The answer to this question depends on a wide variety of variables including:

  • Where the reupholsterer’s shop is located. (New York City or Los Angeles can cost significantly more than North Carolina.)
  • The skill and experience of the person doing the reupholstery.
  • The current backlog of orders that the reupholster is working on. (Prices can be amazingly low if the upholsterer does not have any other current customers. If there is a heavy backlog a premium may be added.)
  • The cost of the fabric. It is possible to pay less than $10 per yard for fabric. It is also possible to pay over $100 per yard for some fabrics (and leathers.)
  • Reupholstering leather more than doubles the time needed to work with fabric. The additional labor will add several hundred dollars to the cost.
  • The quality of the work and materials. Better quality cushion cores or rebuilding 8 way hand tied foundations will each add several hundred dollars to the cost of the reupholstery.
  • The style and shape of the furniture may make a difference. Details such as nail head trim, skirts or other optional features all have a cost.

The items above are just a small sampling of the variables involved in the cost of reupholstery.
Another variable that is rarely considered is your personal relationship with the person doing the reupholstery.

  • Establishing a friendly relationship can result in lower prices.
  • If a potential customer (or the professional designer working with the customer) is perceived as unfriendly or overly demanding, the quoted price may be higher.

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