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How Good is the Decor-rest Alessandra Sectional?

By Jeff Frank


How good is the Decor-rest Alessandra sectional?

Jan. 23, 2021


Decor-Rest is a Canadian manufacturer that makes good quality, durable seating.

Their furniture has many small (and not so small) quality details that are missing from most mid-range mass produced sofas.

The 1.9 density foam seat cushions are the first part of the furniture that will wear out, probably in about 5 years. At that point they should be replaced. The rest of the sectional should last far longer.

The 1.9 density foam is offered in two different versions: firm and soft. Both will have the same lifespan. Density determines lifespan. Firmness does not.

The company does offer 2.5 density cushions for some of their other models. If that is an option for the Alessandra you should get it. 2.5 density cushions will last at least twice as long as the 1.9 density standard cushions.

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