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How Does Decor-Rest Furniture Compare to Craftmaster?

By Jeff Frank


I  looked at a company called Decor-Rest out of Canada. How does Decor-Rest furniture compare to Craftmaster?

Robert R.

April 18, 2021


Craftmaster & Decor-Rest Furniture are similar in overall quality, except for one important factor.

  • Craftmaster’s cushions are 2.0 density foam.
  • Decor-Rest’s upgraded 2.5 Lux cushion option will last twice as long.

My annotated comments on Decor-Rest can be found below. I have a detailed analysis of Craftmaster in an earlier Q&A.


12 gauge no-sag sinuous springs back and 8 gauge no-sag sinuous springs. This is the cheapest possible foundation but will last 20+ years.

Outside arm and outside back has reinforced webbing suspension. That is better than most mass produced furniture in its price range. (Some of its competitors are using cardboard for this purpose.)

Large deluxe edge roll added to hold seat cushion in place. This is above average for this price range.

Back has stabilizer bars (extra support for front & back rails). Also above average.

Frame is “select, air dried north american maple or birch hardwood; Corners are double-doweled, corner blocked, glued, and secured with screws). Leg is 100% solid wood (doesn’t say how it’s attached). The frame construction sounds good, but the wood is not kiln-dried. That probably won’t make a difference for about 10 years, but air dried wood is more likely to warp over time.

Decks: full covered with body fabric and padded. This is a cosmetic upgrade that doesn’t affect durability or comfort. Very few manufacturers still spend the money to do this.

Toss cushions: blown dacron fiber or water fowl feather encased in 100% cotton twill for zippered cushions. 24” water fowl feather toss cushion has channeled back. Feathers cost more than the standard fiber and add a little comfort, but tend to leak through the cover and can be annoying.

Arms: padded. Standard.

Zippers: found on all toss cushions, inside backs and seats. Seat cushions have a home pocket for all zipper tags. Standard.

Inside back: channeled backs; filled with siliconized fiber to prevent flattening/shifting. Standard.

Environmental green soya foam – eco-friendly foam; manufactured without CFCs; 1.8-2.5lb density; Foam consists of natural soya oils. Very important to get the 2.5 upgrade option. It will more than double the lifespan of the cushions. Lux cushions are one of the top quality brands.

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