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Do Hard Sofas Get Softer Over Time?

By Jeff Frank


We bought a sofa that was purported to have “sink into feel”. It’s hard as a rock. They are telling me it will soften up, but it is so hard, we can’t imagine it will any time soon.

The seat-cushion cores contain flexible, interconnected recycled-steel coils, high density eco-friendly foam. They are padded with sterilized down, feathers, and poly-fiber  wrapped in cotton with down-proof channel-stitched casings.

What do you think of this construction? Will it soften up like the salesperson says?

Feb. 23, 2021


The good news is that you have high-quality spring down blend cushions that should last at least 10 years with average use.

The bad news is that they are unlikely to get much softer.

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