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Does Smith Brothers Makes High Quality Leather Furniture?

By Jeff Frank


Does Smith Brothers make high quality leather furniture?

Jan. 9, 2021


Smith Brothers is a legitimate high end, high quality custom upholstery manufacturer, specializing in leather.

  • Although their tailoring is not always up to the standards of more expensive brands, they do use top notch materials including:
    • 5/4″ solid maple frames
    • 2.5 density Qualux cushions. (Qualux is considered the highest quality brand for polyurethane foam cushions.)
    • Coil spring foundations. (The foundations are not 8 way hand tied, but the coil springs used are almost as comfortable (most people can’t tell the difference) and should last even longer (20+ years) than 8 way hand tied.)

Other leather upholstery brands in this price range include:

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