Is It Possible To Fix An Electric Recliner That’s Stuck?

By Jeff Frank


Happy to find your site. We purchased a Flexsteel power recliner and loveseat in May, 2019. My husband recently had back surgery and normally sits in the recliner.

Today he sat on the loveseat, thankfully. I sat in the recliner, reclined and now the chair is stuck.

The power supply is lit green and I have plugged and unplugged to see if it will reset. USB is not getting power. Could it be the power supply?

I called the furniture store and was advised that this is a common issue. I am hopeful that there is an easy fix.


June 4, 2020


Most recliner mechanisms are warrantied for 3 – 5 years. Work with your retailer to get the problem resolved. If you try to fix it yourself or bring in a non-approved repair person, that will void your warranty.

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