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Can I save money shopping for furniture online?

By Jeff Frank

There are a few high end furniture manufacturers who sell direct to consumers through their online websites.

In general, the best way to save money is to purchase used furniture.

  • Yard sales can result in great bargains. (Bring your own transportation. Sometimes it is more important to the seller to get rid of the furniture quickly than to make a profit.)
  • Estate sales, flea markets, consignment and used furniture stores may have good values.
  • Charitable organizations (Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.)
  • Floor samples and discontinued items may be good values in normal furniture stores, especially if they have scratches, dents or other flaws.
  • Antique stores may have good values, especially if you are willing to do some refinishing work.
    • Before refinishing antique furniture, do some research. Poor refinishing or repairs can destroy the value of valuable antiques.

    Buying used mattresses is not recommended.

    Buying used furniture, especially upholstery, does require some caution. Check to make sure the furniture does not have mold or insect infestations.

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