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Where Can We Get A Good Power Reclining Sofa That Will Last A Long Time?

By Jeff Frank


We bought a Simon Li power reclining sofa 2 yrs. ago. Both motors have gone out. It is 112 inches wide. 

What is your best suggestion for a good power reclining sofa that will last, that is at least 100 inches wide. Thanks for your help.


Oct. 25, 2020


Have you tried contacting the store where you bought your reclining sofa? Even though the motors only have a 1 year warranty, you should be able to get them replaced for far less than the cost of a new sofa.

If your retail store will not help you, here is the U.S. contact information for Simon Li:

200 E Commerce Ave, High Point, NC 27260

Phone:(336) 822 2710


Simon Li should be able to ship you new motors and suggest a repair service that can replace your old motors.

If you are very polite and understanding (Never yell or threaten!) they may even replace the parts for free, even though you are past your warranty.

After all, you could point out to them (politely), it would not help the company’s reputation to have review sites such as Google, TrustPilot, ConsumerAffairs.com, The Better Business Bureau and Yelp all informing potential customers that Simon Li reclining sofas break down and need to be replaced after only two years.

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