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Who Makes the Best Quality Sectional Sleeper Sofa?

By Jeff Frank


We are looking for the best quality sectional sleeper sofa.

We need an L sectional with queen pull out mattress that can seat 6 comfortably for our ocean front condo in Ocean City, MD.

We have occasional renters….so looking for super comfy couch that will hold up well and fabric hoping repels stains (as best as possible like wine and coffee)


American Leather’s Gaines Comfort Sleeper Sectional is the best quality sectional sleeper sofa that I am aware of.

Since you will be using this sectional sleeper sofa for beach front rental property, the best fabric choice would be one of the Sunbrella fabrics.

Sunbrella has permanent built-in stain protection and are extremely resistant to fading from bright sunlight.

High quality sectional sleeper sofas can be difficult to find.

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2 thoughts on “Who Makes the Best Quality Sectional Sleeper Sofa?”

  1. I am looking for a high quality sleeper sofa that is lumbar back supportive (with sitting) and comfortable material that is stain resistant. This would be used at a beach condo.

    • Comfort is extremely subjective. That includes descriptions such as “lumbar back supportive.” I don’t know of any sleeper manufacturers who specifically design their furniture to be “lumbar back supportive,” but that doesn’t stop salespeople from making that claim if they think that’s what you want to hear.

      As stated in the article, Sunbrella fabrics are excellent for beach use. They are extremely stain resistant (practically stainproof.) Although there are also other high performance fabric brands that are highly stain resistant, Sunbrella is the best at resisting fading from strong direct sunlight.

      Another good high performance fabric brand for you would be Bella Dura. It is even more stain resistant than Sunbrella and almost as resistant to Sunlight.
      Check out this article comparing Sunbrella to Bella Dura.

      One thing to keep in mind with sleepers is that they are inherently less durable than normal sofas made by the same manufacturer.

      • High end sofa manufacturers build normal sofas that should last 20+ years.
      • Sofa sleepers made by the same company may only last half as long.
      • The problem is that the mechanisms are relatively delicate. In addition, the frame construction required to hold the mechanisms in place, is not as strong.

      Although there are a few heavy duty (expensive) European built sleeper mechanisms, the vast majority of sleeper mechanisms available to American sleeper manufacturers are far less durable. Part of the problem is that European mattresses are different sizes than those sold in the U.S., so the mechanisms are sized differently.

      One exception is American Leather.

      • They make their own sleeper mechanisms, which are better built than the majority of mechanisms found in U.S. made sleepers.
      • Although American Leather specializes in leather, they do have a good selection of high performance fabrics available.

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